Monday, March 26, 2018

ART MERK STUDIO - A Handcrafted Leather Fly Box

It's been awhile since the work of Art Merk Studio was highlighted in "The Making of a Fly Wallet" and one of Art's latest projects involved learning new techniques in molding leather into a box shape that turned out both striking and special.  Who said that leather can't be used to make into a fly box?

Art wrote...  "This is just a brief idea of making a hard leather case and the thought behind it is one very simple thing - "Compete with yourself if you don't want others to compete with you".

I always try to learn new techniques and noticed there was a need in making a leather fly case that was workable for dry flies or other space needing flies where hackles would not be crushed.   I decided to learn a new technique of hardening leather with some special secret process and it ended up working very well.  The leather fly wallet is hard and resistant to get flat and now you can have any flies that you would put in a plastic box, but just most importantly, they will now have some unmistakable character and charm.  

Well, don't we all agree that this is what fly fishing is all about?"

To see more of Art's work, visit the Art Merk Studio website and follow along the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

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