Monday, March 26, 2018


All you need to know about Robert Thompson of Third Year Fly Fisher is perfectly stated with the one-liner of "Midwest dude with a shitty website. Blah blah blah" on his Vimeo profile.  He does great work behind the camera and edit bay but doesn't take himself too serious and just lets his work speak for itself.  He also takes time with each project and puts as much energy behind the story as he does getting all the shots.

It might seem weird that I'm saying all this to talk up a trailer but it highlights the point I'm making that RT puts a lot of work in his film.  I've heard rumors of "Summer Haze" for over a year now and it's still a year or so away from being released.  I'll be eager to see the finished product as it's going to highlight places, people and fish that I really enjoy.

More goodness on the Third Year Fly Fisher website and Vimeo page.  Watch what you can for free and then start a collection of his full feature films.  They are all worth it. 

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