Friday, March 30, 2018

HALDIN FLY RODS - "My New Best Friend"

Maybe it's that we're transitioning from winter to spring, or maybe it's just who all that I follow online, but my social media feed has been a stream of freshly finished fiberglass fly rods from builders from all over the world.  It's so great to see what's been keeping everyone busy over the past few months and how many different takes there are with the same focused point of building a fly fishing tool. 

Markus Haldin of Haldin Fly Rods on Finland just finished what he's dubbed as "My New Best Friend" and I asked if he'd share a few images and thoughts on why he's so stoked about this Blue Halo eight foot five weight.  No doubt that the jade blank color is so striking.

Markus wrote...  "I built this fly rod for myself and it's the new Gen 3 Blue Halo for coming season here in Finland.  When I started building this, I made the grip "full wells" and mounted the reel seat and winding check.  Well anyway, after that, I had another project so I put the Jade away for a while.  I build another Blue Halo five weight on the Cappuccino blank.  When building and threading that rod, I used mostly white Nylon number 807.  And while building I had the Jade on my mind and decided that I will use the same thread on the Jade build.  It would look cool!

And the stripes?  The first part of the blank is heaviest and from there it goes smoothly to the top.  I wanted to make more stripes after the grip and then slowly fade to the top.  I decided to make "double trims" for every guide because I have not seen so many builds like this.

Lastly, this Blue Halo taper is my favourite five weight for fishing trout and grayling with a dry fly, wet flies and it casts big streamers also.  And what I really like, this taper is durable as well as powerful. But if I'm streamer fishing, then my choice is a seven weight fly line.  It's like a multi functional rod and has no problems with bigger fish.  It just keep the lines tight."

Check out the Haldin Fly Rods website for more examples of Markus's work and follow along on Instagram for the latest shop news.

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