Saturday, April 7, 2018


During a time when many publishers are stepping away from print in favor of online, other creatives are seeing this same time as an opportunity to bring to print something unique and special.  Fly fishing has several magazines in this vein and certainly hunting deserves this as well.

Volume One of the Modern Huntsman is both impressive and beautiful in it's over two hundred pages of photography and articles.  A worthy read and a magazine that you'll forever keep in your library or bedside.

The Modern Huntsman answers what they are all about...   

"Modern Huntsman is a biannual publication, and online forum for like minded conservationists, creatives, and outdoor enthusiasts. Born out of frustration with the way hunting is often misrepresented in our modern society, our objective is to shed light on a more honest side of the story from the perspective of hunting purists and philosophers, unaltered by the skews of mainstream media, misinformed emotional rants, and corporate interests."

While I don't have a background in hunting, I do have a growing interest in it and have greatly enjoyed reading each article and taking in the excellent imagery of this magazine.  I'm looking forward to Volume Two.

Please visit the Modern Huntsman website for more information and subscribe.  Consider following along on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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