Thursday, July 5, 2018

KICKSTARTER - Session Fly Fishing Reels

I always like to see someone with a good idea and though there are a plethora of fly reels to choose from, I see what Session Fly Fishing is doing as something different.  They have a story, an idea and are working to execute it with an already successful Kickstarter project that is fully funded with just a couple days left to jump on if you like.

The Session Reel is made of anodized aluminum with a sealed drag system and can stretch line weights from five to eight without issue.  The machined artwork on the backside of the fly reel was designed by Skye Walker and certainly ups the coolness factor.

Visit the Session Fly Fishing website and Kickstarter page for more information and follow along on their Facebook and Instagram pages as well.

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Lunikox jasdo said...

Wow fantastic blog, thanks for sharing. Open face spinning fishing reel is a bit more difficult to use than the Spin Cast, but it comes in a wider variety of sizes. Users can choose them according to preferences. These are available in ultra-light models to be attached to smaller tackle. This light version can be used to catch panfish. And it is equally useful to catch bigger gamefish such as "Bull Reds" in the surf. It works perfectly when someone needs a longer spinning reels