Monday, September 3, 2018

239 FLIES - Tying the A2Z Minnow

Several months ago Nick Davis of 239 Flies flipped the lights on at a new space in Bonita Springs, Florida and through the 239 Flies Instagram page, he took everyone along for the ride as he moved from his tying room at the house to what is now a full fledged specialty fly shop.

Now that things are somewhat settling down with the shop, Nick sat down at the vise recently with LivitFilms behind the lens to begin production of a series of new fly tying videos. 

The first to drop on the 239 Flies YouTube page is the tutorial for the A2Z Minnow and this pattern is also offered in fly tying kits in several colors which includes everything you need to twist up a dozen and a half flies on your own.

239 Flies offers A2Z Minnow kits in Bronze & Olive, Mardi Gras, Mullet, Neon Grape and Red Head.

Visit the 239 Flies website to kick the tires and be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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