Monday, September 3, 2018


One of the translations of the word "Sakura" means pink and Kazutomo Ijuin of Ijuin-Rod has offered his 7'6" three piece four weight parabolic blank in this color in very limited runs that he has built commissioned fly rods on and then a few blanks have landed in the hands of custom fly rod builders as well.

Recently Tomo posted two Sakura builds built for clients which was followed a couple of days later with Matt Leiderman finishing a build that has been listed on the Leiderman Rods website for sale.

Here's several build takes on the Sakura blanks to enjoy.



Matt wrote...  "This is about as unique a rod as you’ll find from my shop.  The pink blank is the start but the details bring the build home.  The reel seat is Lacewood with nickel silver, which I RARELY use anymore due to supply issues and machining properties.  The seats is custom machined, or better described as carved, with many gentle swoops and curves.  While a general profile was machined, much of the final design was shaped on the lathe by hand using a series of files and, eventually, sanding.  The acorn-style butt cap adds a fantastic detail as well as the rounded wedding-band style rings and swooped cork check.  The winding check matches the cork check in profile.  I personally feel the hardware adds a Japanese and feminine quality to this unique blank.  The grip is a very slender 5.5″ full wells style.  The wraps are light pink tipped grey with maroon accents at the grip and ferrules.  A pink agate rounds out the build.  This rod was a fun creative venture and I’m pleased and proud of the final product.  That said, it is NOT a style I will do often or possibly ever again."

Want to see more from both builders?  Visit the Ijuin-Rod and Leiderman Rods websites but follow along with the latest shops news HERE and HERE.

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