Monday, November 12, 2018

ECHO FLY FISHING - Replacement Rod Tip Sections Are Genius

A couple of months ago I was down in Florida for a work conference and on the way back I had a chance to spend some time on the pointy end of Steve Seinberg's skiff.  I still need to tell that story with a blog post since we had a stellar time looking around for juvenile tarpon but there was a moment of "tragedy" striking when the tip of my ECHO Bad Ass Glass Quickshot eight weight was snapped off in a boat mishap.    Boat hatch doors love to eat tips for snacks and this was a good reminder that rod holders are there for a reason.  Lesson learned...

Sending off a fly rod for a warranty repair is never fun and when I finally got around to sending off an email to ECHO Fly Fishing to figure out the process, I almost instantly received a response back pointing me to the Replacement Rod Tip Sections webpage.  A scroll trough the drop down box, a couple of clicks, $17.50 (plus shipping) on the credit card and two days later a new tip arrived putting the Quickshot was back in service. 

While I haven't talked about them much yet on T.F.M. but the ECHO Bad Ass Glass Quickshot fly rods are everything that I hoped this series would be when Tim Rajeff and I started talking about them a couple of years ago.

Short (this series are all 8' in length) heavy line weight fiberglass fly rods are made with big flies and big fish in mind.  Inevitably this can mean a broken rod every now and then from the abuse and the possibility of a fix that is both inexpensive and quick brings a lot of piece of mind.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishing website to learn more about the Bad Ass Glass Quickshot line up along with how they approach warranty and repairs.

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