Monday, November 12, 2018

Whiskey Leatherworks X Casey Underwood Collaboration Belts

Longtime readers will hopefully remember the past T.F.M. posts which highlighted the work of Daniel Earnest of Whiskey Leatherworks (see the making of the West Fork Wallet HERE) and the artistry of Casey Underwood (the most recent T.F.M. posts are HERE and HERE).

Over the past several months these two have been working on a belt collaboration that went live last week on the Whiskey Leatherworks website and features seven different fish skin choices carefully sewn into a handmade leather belt.  A lot of work has gone into making each of these turn out just right and when given the choice, I had a hard time picking out a favorite.

P.S.  I finally choose The Brown Belt.

Visit the Whiskey Leatherworks website to check out this collaboration and be sure to also visit the Casey Underwood Artwork & Design website to see more of his work. 

Christmas is just around the corner and one of these belts would be the perfect choice for gift giving.

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