Saturday, January 19, 2019

ECHO FLY FISHING - The ECHO River Glass Series

A year or so ago Tim Rajeff and I started talking about the next generation of fiberglass fly rods from ECHO Fly Fishing and one of his focuses was that instead of having two separate trout weight line ups, the goal was to pull them together into a new series which has been dubbed ECHO River Glass.  This series offers six fly rods between two to five weight and there is now a short and long model offered in four and five weight.  The entire series is offered in two colors, Glacier and Caramel and they are priced at $249.99.

I am a big fan of the ECHO fiberglass offerings (especially the B.A.G. Quickshot fly rods) and their warranty & repair process works smoothly (see T.F.M. post with my own experience HERE).  I also really dig the new Bravo fly reels which are a perfect match for the 8-10 weight Quickshot fly rods.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishing website to check it all out and look for the new River Glass fly rods at your local dealer.

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Unknown said...

I got the bag quick shot 6# for smallies. I like it. Now I ordered
the river glass 8ft 4# & looking forward to big trout on that fly
rod. I really like the feel of fiberglass because you feel the fish
alot better than carbon.