Friday, May 3, 2019

FRANKENFLY - 6 Flies for Bass & Bluegill

The "6 FLIES" series continues with a deep dive into the favorite spring smallmouth, largemouth and bluegill patterns of Paul Beel of Frankenfly.  If you're new to this series and missed the feature with Luke Langton of The Midwest Drift, please circle back to check it out HERE.

Over the years, Paul has taken his love for fly tying and turned it into a successful blog and social media presence.  I've also met up with him at several of the winter fly fishing shows.  I am pretty fond of a few of his warmwater patterns and recently traded a fly rod for a package full of flies that I'm stoked to get on the water with soon.

Here's Paul's six-pack of Frankenfly favorites...

This is my go-to subsurface fly for bluegill.  Hence the name.  However, this fly has been tested by many guides on many different species and is especially killer for carp.  Besides bluegill, these flies are also known to interest smallmouth bass, Mayan cichlids, oscars and even pink salmon.

This is my go-to topwater fly for largemouth bass.  If you want to get the attention of the largest bass in the pond or lake, this is the fly to do it with.

This has been one of my most popular flies.  I created to mimic small pumpkinseeds that swim in a local creek I fish.  The fly is only two inches long and is weighted.  Smallmouth love this thing!

I designed this small 3.5 inch streamer to use as a natural color baitfish.  The dual hackles on each side kick when stripped through the water.  This is a good one for smallmouth bass.

A flashy and weighted fly that also includes a large rattle.  Smallmouth and largemouth love it!

My newest top water fly for largemouth bass.  It's a mix between a popper and a streamer and it actually swims like a mouse in the water.   So you can use it for those mouse eating brown trout as well.  I named this fly after Napoleon Dynamite's football uncle.

Check out the Frankenfly website for all things fly tying related and be sure to follow along on Instagram as well.  Interested in placing an order for a stash for your warmwater fly boxes?  You can email Paul at or message him through Instagram.

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