Thursday, June 6, 2019

ORVIS - "The Great Awaits"

I haven't seen either of the new commercials on television yet but they have popped online for the past couple of weeks on YouTube and elsewhere.  The Orvis Company is over 160 years old but still trying new tricks when it comes to marketing and brand exposure.  I think these two 30-second spots do a good job of telling their story and grabbing attention.  What do you think?

This AdAge article gives some additional background on their move to TV which is a good quick read.

I like Orvis and consider myself friends with many of the people that work with them.  A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to visit the mothership in Vermont and was able to see behind the curtains for a few days.  You can circle back on those past T.F.M. posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

For a company with it's significant history, they are surprisingly future thinking and always seem to be ready to try new things, push the envelope (50/50 On the Water as an example) and their support of conservation with 5% for Nature goes far beyond any sort of industry standard.

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