Sunday, June 2, 2019

POSTFLY - Sign Your Kid Angler Up for The Midge Club

It's been fun to watch Postfly grow and along the way Brian Runnals, Founder and President, has then also started The Wade Co. which covers fly rods, reels and apparel.  Small but growing companies are always interesting to watch as they can try to new things and keep things fun at the same time. 

The other day I received an email about The Midge Club which Postfly is offering to young anglers 16 and under and by signing up, they will receive a swag bag with stickers, flies and more.  This club will also give them 10% off their first Postfly subscription.  This might end up being a genius idea for getting and keeping children engaged in learning fly fishing.

I signed Hadley and Finn up for it this morning to see firsthand how the Midge Club will work.  The toughest part was remembering what year each of them were born.  I hadn't had enough coffee just yet...

Visit the Postfly website and sign up your kid angler for The Midge Club to check it out for yourself.

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