Monday, June 3, 2019


A lot goes into making a fly fishing film and the process for an expedition project, especially with cameras involved, often takes months of planning, pouring over maps, gear gathering, story boarding and shot lists and in the end of it, you just never know what will happen and what you'll get.  There are just so many variables that you have zero control over such as weather, will fish be where they are supposed to be and did all that map reading match the terrain once you're on the ground and water.

This is kind of a big build up to say that Big Land, the latest project from the folks at Tight Loops has been released and their wilderness adventure to find untouched brook trout water involved challenges and many lessons learned that are told in this forty-seven minute film.

Please take a moment to enjoy the trailer and consider renting or purchasing this film.  I very much enjoyed it and it was a good reminder of exploring backcountry brook and lake trout waters in Ontario in my college years.

Visit the Tight Loops website and see more of their films on their Vimeo channel.

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