Friday, September 25, 2020

WHERE IS MY MIND - A Quickie Session Before Home

After a couple of days spent with Captain Greg Pearson of Headshot Charters, I jumped over to the other coast to meet up with Steve Seinberg of Southern Culture on the Fly for a morning in his skiff before heading home.  If you missed the first post in this two-part series, circle back HERE.

We met before first light, ran upriver a ways blowing over a living room size flash of bioluminescence, got harassed by a couple manatees who didn't like sharing their flat, found a few happy tarpon, and talked a lot about life during COVID-19, our families, and the state of this crazy world right now. 

I've always liked Steve a lot and it was stellar to wrap up this trip with a few hours together.  He lives in a special place with all sorts of fish to chase and I really appreciated the morning that he gave up at the studio to get out on the water. 

We were back to the makeshift ramp cut into the mangrove trees around noon and I pulled into the driveway at home before dark.  This trip was a good reminder of what it's like to hang out with friends again and that Florida really isn't that far away...

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