Thursday, January 14, 2021

FISHPOND - Fish for the Future

This is a neat feature on guide Landon Mayer from the good folks at Fishpond.  Click PLAY...

From the Fishpond presser...  "The impetus for this project was the pressure that events of the past year have put on the guiding community. We owe a tremendous debt to the full-time fly guides who not only get folks into fish but open their eyes to a whole world of environmental stewardship that they wouldn't otherwise take notice of. We want people to understand the level of passion and hard work that it takes to assume that responsibility.
Some of our most formative experiences come from time on the river. Those lessons equip us to live a more meaningful life, one of responsibility to the natural resources that have given us so much. For many, fly fishing guides are the conduit through which those lessons are shared. Guides are the backbone of the fly fishing world, and their job goes far beyond showing someone how to fish. They are teachers, gurus, friends, and advocates for wild places. Now, more than ever, they deserve our support and appreciation.

Fishpond Ambassador Landon Mayer has been guiding the rivers of Colorado for over two decades and has shared his passion for education with countless anglers over the years. Spending a day on the water with Landon is to witness the tireless work that defines the life of a full-time fly fishing guide."

Check out the Fishpond website if you haven't lately and look for their new 2021 products to be rolling out soon.

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