Thursday, November 23, 2017


The past two or three months have been kind of a blur with work, home, more work and family obligations and I kind of forgot that that The Fiberglass Manifesto turned another year older this fall.

Just over nine years ago I haphazardly started typing away on this blog without knowing what I was doing or if anyone was even that interested in fiberglass fly rods.  Fast forward to now and I'm still at it and honestly, enjoy more than ever.  I know things have slowed down as far as new content from time to time (the real job gets in the way sometimes...) and maybe not all the posts hit the mark but I still look forward to waking up early, brewing a pot of coffee and working on something new or answering emails before work. 

I would have never expected to still be doing this after nine years and yet, here I am.  The interest in fiberglass fly rods by anglers, rod builders, and fly rod companies is as robust as it's been in decades and it continues to be a stellar ride.  We're all proving that "Glass Is Not Dead". 

It's Thanksgiving today and it just feels right to be truly and fully thankful.  So here we go... 

Thank you to each of you that stop in each day to read whatever posts up, leave comments, and share the posts with your friends.  It means a lot and I appreciate the emails with questions and swag orders even if it takes me a couple of days to dive into the inbox.

Thank you to those who follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag your own fiberglass fly rod adventures with #glassisnotdead.  I enjoy seeing the photos and reading the stories.

Thank you to the circle of friends that I've been able to surround myself with while writing this silly blog.  A career in law enforcement can be stressful with lot of responsibilities as well.  Knowing that I have a stable of industry friends, rod builders, fly fishing guides, friends with skiffs and drift boats, friends with ratty couches or a spare bed to crash on if I'm on the road, and all those that I trade emails, text messages and phone calls with all make my life exponentially better even if I don't always say so. 

Thank you to fly rod builders, fly rod and gear companies who continue to want to be a part of what's going on here with advertising, hashing out ideas for new fiberglass fly rods and other gear, and making sure I'm ready for whatever adventure is next.  It is all very much appreciated.

Most importantly, thank you to my wife and family who are more supportive than they really should be and (typically) don't mind if I sneak away to places near and far with gear bags packed full of glass rods, reels, cameras and lenses, and clothing for twice as long as I'm supposed to be gone.  I promise I'm coming back.   

I'm damn lucky and I don't ever take any of it for granted.

Thank you.

Early Morning Smoke

I was up before 5:00 a.m. this morning without an alarm.  It's Thanksgiving and I am not responsible for much but smoking a turkey on the grill is all mine.  I've smoked a few over the years and have it kind of down to a science with the mother-in-law giving it a brine bath and then a low and slow smoking on the Chargriller Super Pro 2121 for a few hours.  At times I kind of dream about having a high end smoker but tough to beat these charcoal barrel grills. 

Four hours later and it's done.  I'll likely never fry or bake a turkey again.  Turkeys done this way are just too damn good.

Happy Thanksgiving.  How do you do your turkey?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TIGHT LOOPS - Notes From The Road: Entry No. 2

Maybe you're not working today (lucky...) or maybe you're at work and still not getting anything done.  Thanksgiving's tomorrow and hopefully you're off on Friday too to enjoy a long four day bender of too much family, food, drink, and whatever else you have planned. 

Either way, get lost in the latest Notes From The Road dispatch from Tight Loops.  I really enjoy how they are telling these stories.

Visit the Tight Loops website for more and be sure to follow along on Instagram and Vimeo as well.

AND...  Bullwinkle, their aged VW camper, is in need of some care and they have a Bonfire Campaign going for a few more days to raise the funds needed for a fix. Buy a shirt or sweatshirt even if you don't think you need it. Come on, you really do need it after all.  

BLUE HALO - Black Friday Sale - 25% Off Everything NOW

Right before the boys at Blue Halo turned off the shop lights to take a few days for Thanksgiving with their families, they pushed PLAY on their Black Friday Sale which means that now through Sunday, November 26th, everything on the website is discounted 25% off at checkout. 

The sale includes the all new 3rd Gen Fly Rod Blanks and 3rd Gen Fly Rod Builds as well.  The 3rd Gen line up now includes a three, four, five, six, and seven weight with the five weight available with a slower or faster taper.

If you've been thinking "I sure do need that Blue Halo blank or fly rod..." now is the time to jump on it.  Blue Halo is expecting to sell out of some, if not all, of their blanks and builds through this sale promotion.

Visit the Blue Halo website for a look around and use code "BLACKFRIDAY" during the online checkout.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Just in time for cooler temps both Rep Your Water and Wingo Belts have released new socks to keep those feet warm with some additional flair with trout spots and fish skins.

Collaborating with Point 6, Rep Your Water refreshed their sock line up with Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Best Catch socks to choose from.  Made from a Merino wool and nylon mix, these will find themselves handy at the office, wading boot, or on the trail.  10% from each purchase will go to support their conservation partners as well.

Remember to use code "SHIPTFM" for free shipping on your Rep Your Water orders.

There are also four socks in the line up with Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Tarpon, and Mahi Mahi to choose from.  These cotton/nylon socks will spruce up game in style.  These socks were designed in collaboration with artist Ryan Williams.

Be sure to use code "TFM20" to take 20% off your order on the Wingo Belts website.

Without a doubt, these are socks that an angling family member or a friend won't be upset to find as a Christmas gift.  Yes, it's already time to start talking the holidays.

THIS IS FLY - Issue 65

I am especially keen on This Is Fly but especially so with the latest since it features friend and rad photog, Bryan Gregson and the entire issue is a deep visual dive into everything that is so damn cool about fly fishing.

Enjoy this one.  Read it today or save it for Thanksgiving when you need an excuse to not talk to your weird uncle.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

SWIFT FLY FISHING - Lunar AC2 Hubless Fly Reel

Truth told, I am a complete pushover for a uniquely designed fly reel.  Vintage, contemporary, click or disc, there is just something about a fly reel with a design that grabs the attention.  The soon to be released Lunar AC2 Hubless Fly Reel from Swift Fly Fishing has had my eye for quite some time now as Carl McNeil has been teasing this project for years.

The wait is about over and as of this morning there are still 100 out of 150 First Issue First Edition fly reels available, though they may not last much longer.  The Lunar AC2 is recommended for fly lines 5, 6, and 7 and this would make a perfect match on your Epic 580 or Epic 686.  Think about it.

From the Swift Fly Fishing website...  "Four years in design and development, the remarkable LUNAR AC2 is the result of a design collaboration between bespoke reel maker Alex Kaplun and Swift founder Carl McNeil. 

Fully CNC machined from cold forged tempered 6061-T6 aluminum, the unique LUNAR AC2 is a large arbor hubless fly reel suitable for freshwater.

The LUNAR AC2 features a new take on the click pawl drag, a large arbour spool with exposed rim for palming, a unique three pillar full cage frame which will not snag or jam fly lines and comes in a ballistic nylon presentation case and includes a neoprene field pouch."

Pre-orders will be shipped in early January to keep international parcels out of the holiday postal mess and hopefully decrease the chance of an order being lost in the mail.

Please visit the Swift Fly Fishing website for more information and to get your order in.