Thursday, January 23, 2020

FLY SLAPS - An Interview with Jack Kruitbosch

It was maybe two and a half years ago when photographer and website design whiz, Corey Kruitbosch of i9 Studios and Western Fly Fishing, emailed me that he and his son, Jack, were thinking about starting a website business focused on selling fly fishing stickers.

This sounded like a fun idea and it wasn't too long after that the Fly Slaps website went live.  It's been really neat to watch this father and son grow their idea and expand their offerings from decals to artist collaborations to apparel. 

There is a handful of kid and teen shop owners in the fly fishing industry and I'm always impressed with the motivation and follow through that they have in building something from an idea.  I asked Jack if he'd answer a few questions for this interview and explain a little more what Fly Slaps is all about.  

Where did the idea for Fly Slaps come from and what were the steps that it took from it being a conversation to the website going live?

My dad and I were looking for cool fly fishing stickers to buy but we couldn’t find many in one place. We thought it would be a good idea to put them all in one store.  So then we decided to make a website.  The first thing we did was buy inventory, then we put together a WordPress website.

Fly Slaps turned two years old recently, what have you learned in keeping the business going and how has that shaped the future?

We have learned that the business will be steady and to just keep working at it every day.  Ordering inventory is also tricky, you don't want to have too much but you don't want to need to constantly reorder stickers.

Fly Slaps is all about stickers so what all do you have stickers stuck to?  What are some of your favorites decals that you sell?

We have stickers on lots of stuff; thermoses, the truck, the cooler, fly rod cases and camera cases. 

One of my favorite stickers is the Nate Karnes Elements of Fly Fishing sticker.  I also like lots of Tyler Hackett’s stickers and I like his Hookin' Hogs sticker.  He also designed some cool Whitefish and Tarpon stickers for FlySlaps too.

It's great that both you and your dad fly fish.  Where are some favorite places to go?

We both like to fish on the Weber River when we get a chance.  Last year we went fishing in Key West and my dad almost got a Grand Slam but the permit got away.

Fly Slaps is an after school and after work job for you and your dad so how tough is it to manage everything?  Who’s responsible for filling orders and getting things into the mail?

It really isn’t very difficult to keep Fly Slaps going but it does take some time to fill orders and get them into the mail. Usually my dad or I will fill the order then the other person will check that order to make sure that it's right before packaging it.  Sometimes my mom will fill orders if we're busy. 

Once when we were at the post office, the postal worker recognized our envelopes and wondered what they were all for.  We gave them some stickers the next time we went in!

Not many teens have the hustle to start a company and keep it going.  What's it been like to work on Fly Slaps and is there anything in particular that you've been able to buy because of the website? 

I have put a little bit into my car and we have a savings account for college that we add to every month.

Jump over to the Fly Slaps website and look around.  Now through the end of the month, use discount code "TFM2020" for 10% off your order.

Follow along with the latest shop news and new products on Facebook and Instagram.

2020 YETI Film Tour

The 2020 YETI Film Tour will kick off at the end of this month and the 12-stop international tour ticket sales will benefit a short list of non-profit organizations to include the Outdoor Industry Association, Trout Unlimited, Surfrider Foundation, Operation BBQ and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Film tour stops include:
  • January 29 - Denver, Colorado at Mission Ballroom
  • February 8 - Orlando, Florida at Plaza Live
  • February 11 - Charlotte, North Carolina at McGlohon Theater
  • February 21 - Nashville, Tennessee at Marathon Music Work
  • February 26 - Chicago, Illinois at Thalia Hall
  • February 29 - Jackson, Wyoming at Center for the Arts
  • March 7 - Portland, Oregon at Revolution Hall
  • March 10 - Santa Barbara, California at Lobero Theatre
  • March 19 - Toronto, Ontario at The Cinesphere
  • March 25 - Somerville, Massachusetts at Somerville Theatre
  • April 9 - Austin, Texas at ACL Live
  • April 23 - Melbourne, Victoria at The Astor Theatre

Visit the YETI Film Tour website for more information and don't sleep on getting your tickets now as these events typically sell out.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

SCALE Magazine - Issue 35

Here's a deep dive on fly and spin for your work day.  All 256 glorious pages of it.


THE F3T - The Whitewater

 The Fly Fishing Film Tour kicks off this Saturday in Bozeman with two shows and trailers for this year's show continue to roll out as well.

Film description...

Time on the water is one of the most important priorities for Kate Crump and her husband Justin Crump. As fly fishing guides who split their time between Oregon and Alaska, they’re living the dream of a never-ending season of chasing trout, steelhead, and salmon. But their deep connection to the water is forcing them to confront a stark reality- many of the rivers and wild places they love require a fight to survive.

Visit the Fly Fishing Film Tour website for more information, tour schedule and don't delay on getting tickets for your local show as they typically sell out.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

THE MISSION - Issue 19

The latest issue of The Mission is live online and a stellar way to start your "Sunday Funday".



 I'm looking forward to seeing this one as I've been a longtime Flip Pallot nerd and respect his philosophy of angling and beyond.

Film description...

TIME is an exploration of Lefty Kreh’s legacy with some of the sports greatest living legends. Flip Pallot, Blane Chocklett, and Bob Clouser explore the backwaters of inland Florida- one of Lefty’s favorite fishing areas- and discuss how Lefty’s presence influenced their own trajectories in a life of fly fishing.

Visit the Fly Fishing Film Tour website for more information, tour schedule and don't delay on getting tickets for your local show as they typically sell out.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

LOST COAST OUTFITTERS - Simms Dry Creek Pouch Review

Simms Fishing has gone deep for Spring 2020 which includes the rollout of the G4 Collection (think all new waders, boots and jackets) and tucked into the mix is the Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch which, priced at less than $60, could come in real handy to keep your most essential gear dry and organized.

Recently the crew at Lost Coast Outfitters posted a short video review that is worth a watch. 

I could use a couple of these to keep gear sorted and ready for trips and at four liters it should hold just about everything needed for a session in the kayak, boat or toss it in a pack for a wade trip. 

I've handled a few of the new Simms gear pieces with the TruZip self-healing toothless zipper and it works pretty slick.  The clear window and external webbing straps on this gear pouch are nice adds to an already useful piece of kit.

Visit the Simms Fishing website for more information and get a Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch in your hands at your local dealer.