Thursday, June 1, 2023

MAIL STACK - Glass I'm Playing With This Spring

Over the years of writing The Fiberglass Manifesto, one of exciting (but sometimes overwhelming) aspects of the "job" is getting to demo and test fly rods from all sorts of makers and manufacturers.  Sometimes it's a big secret, sometimes it's prototypes, and sometimes it's the final version fly rods.  It often means that I have way more fly rods than anyone should ever need.  I don't hate it though.

Long cardboard boxes have been showing up on our doorstep with regularity lately and I shot a photograph of everything on my bench.  A few more have arrived since then.  Some of these rods went on trips already and others are lined up to go in the coming weeks.  
Here's a few first look notes and I'll circle back with full T.F.M. write-ups on most over time...

My first fly rod outfit cost me $60 and even though that was going on 30 years ago, I'm still a pushover for fly rods that exceed expectations of a price tag that doesn't shock the senses.  I've had a few T.F.M. readers who's reached out lately talking up the Aventik S-Glass fly rods that are found on Amazon.  I ordered several to review and been impressed. Who says that fly rods have to be $500?  More on these soon...


First, Shane is hard to keep up with.  His shop is constantly abuzz and when he sent a package full of new ideas to get my feedback, I couldn't play with them fast enough before they were already on his website.  Patience isn't Shane's forte...

Most of these have been lawn cast, played with, and sent back.  The Nomad fly rods were wonderful but unsure if Shane has them anymore (?), one of the Brute fly rods stayed with me to demo on the pond, and I kept one of the glass ultralight spinning rods as well.  Everyone should have one tucked away for a bluegills chomping on crickets mission.

As much as I heart fiberglass fly rods, a not so secret obsession of late has been glass spinning rods and when the folks at Maven tipped me off that they were adding a glass option to their Gulf Spinning Rod lineup, I knew I had to have one.  Those one went to the Louisiana marsh with me earlier this year and it's still unbelievable that in four days of fishing, only one bull redfish ate the lure.  SMH...

What I have figured out though is that from here on out though, this short but sturdy spinning rod will be going on every saltwater trip since it's always great to have options.


When the folks at Moonshine Rod Co. decided to redesign their Revival Glass series, they went from E-Glass to S-Glass and went from two fly rods to five fly rods to extend the offerings from 2-weight to 6-weight.  They also are 4-piece instead of 3-piece which makes them so much easier to travel with now.  I have the 7' 3-weight and I like it a lot.  I also like that their fly rods come with a second tip since if you're going to break a section, that's the one.   More on this one after I bend it on a bunch of bluegills...

What's unbelievable to me is that I've been messing around with fiberglass fly rods long enough that Redington has debuted not one, not two, but now three generations of fiberglass fly rods.  As much as I liked the looks and full lineup of the last Butter Stick series, a more classic look and "trout weight" offerings with just a 3, 4, and 5-weight in the current line up.  I have the 8' 5-weight on demo and it'll get worked out this summer on some warmwater ponds and streams nearby.

Longtime readers know that I am a huge fan of the Red Truck Glass "trout weight" fly rods and when James Park went to the drawing board with a 6-weight and 8-weight, I was in.  I've messed around with the 8-weight enough to know it's one to consider and looking forward to carrying it up to Beaver Island with me in a couple of weeks for some more in depth testing.

You might not have been able to see it in the first photograph in this post but there was a rod case underneath all that glass and it's the new Patagonia Black Hole Rod Case.  This thing is lightweight, built to last, and cavernous.  I flew with this one to Louisiana and it had six or eight fly rods, a spinning rod, multiple fly reels, sunglasses, camera gear, and more. This should be an absolute contender if you're looking for a carry-it-all rod case.  

Okay, it's time to go fishing...

DUCK CAMP - Spring 2023 & Women's Collection

I wear a lot of Duck Camp clothing and along with being stoked with their Spring 2023 lineup, they have also recently launch a Women's Collection which both are both worthy of a look.

Visit the Duck Camp website to see the Spring 2023 Collection and Women's Collection.

TOM'S TIPS - How To Pick A Streamer Fly

As a follow-up to last week's video on streamer leader setups, in this "Tom's Tips" episode, Tom Rosenbauer focuses on the things to consider when picking a streamer fly.

See more on the Orvis YouTube channel and check out the latest gear on the Orvis website.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

RON'S FLY ROD TUBES - Website Launch & T.F.M. Discount Code

I've known John Noble of Scaly Designs for years and the other day he reached out to pass along that he has just launched a new company, Ron's Fly Rod Tubes, to fill a void in sourcing and providing high quality aluminum fly rod tubes for custom builders and anyone else in need.  There are a ton of options for length, color, and end cap to choose from.

And, today through Tuesday, use code "TFM25" for 25% off your order. 

John provides some background on why he's opened up a new shop below...

John wrote...  "After Ron Cilli retired and closed down Landmark Component Company, I got together with him and his suppliers to fill the void. As a custom fly rod tube painter with Scaly Designs, it was incredibly hard to find tubes and even harder to get them in a timely manner.  After 6-7 months of frustration and turning customers away because I had no tubes to paint I became my own supplier and named the business after Ron. 

So anyone looking for superior tubes, lots of options, extremely fast shipping, and easy point and click ordering, please visit the new website, Ron's Fly Rod Tubes

I'm always around on Instagram or email with any questions.  I'll be happy to help!  International orders are no problem so just email me and I'll get you taken care of."

Visit the Ron's Fly Rod Tubes website to check it all out.  Follow along on Instagram for the latest shop news and promotions.

Fly Fishing in Martha's Vineyard

We're getting to the time of year that my northeast friends start nerding out on striped bass and Will Phelp's film is a good taste why these fish get so much attention.  Click "PLAY" and enjoy...

Subscribe to the Phelps on the Fly YouTube channel if you haven't.  There's more goodness where this came from.

KORKERS - New Products & Summer Flash Sale

It hardly feels like summer is near in South Carolina this weekend with historic low temperatures in the 50's and so far, constant rain.  Korkers is trying to kick things off though with a Summer Flash Sale knocking 20% off their new All Axis Shoe, Swift Sandal, I-Drain Neoprene Guard Socks, and more.

Now through tomorrow, use "FLASH20" for 20% off the selected items from Korkers.

You'll see some additional coverage on the All Axis Shoe and I-Drain Neoprene Guard Socks on T.F.M. in the coming weeks but in the meantime, if you're in need of some new water kicks, Korkers has you covered.

Check out the Summer Flash Sale and thanks in advance if you make a purchase as I have an ongoing affiliate relationship with Korkers.

Saturday, May 27, 2023


The Far Bank Fly Fishing School continues with Simon Gawesworth diving into your nymph fly box and over eight chapters covers "What is a nymph?" to the types of water and techniques needed to fish these flies most effectively.

Visit the Far Bank website to see their fly fishing companies that include Sage, Redington, RIO Products, and Fly Water Travel.