Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Just in time to make the most of the last month of summer, the boys at Southern Culture On The Fly have released their latest issue.  The (f)arts issue is everything that you'd expect it to be.  And then some.  It's stellar to see a huge feature on Tyler from Wandering Blue Lines and everything else is a solid mix of salt, trout and smallmouth.      


SIMMS - How to Choose the Perfect Size Wader

I don't think that there is a wader company with more size options and the ability to fine tune the fit than Simms.  This is a handy video (and short tutorial on fit, what to wear under waders and wader care) on getting the right size every time.

Check out the wader line up on the Simms website and take a peek at the already released fall arrivals which went live last week.

Monday, August 5, 2019

#LIFEHACK - How to Get Your Kid to (Always) Wear a PFD

Our children were brought up around water with both a swimming pool and pond just through the woods from our house.  As parents, this meant swimming lessons early and getting them into a personal flotation device (PFD) that they would actually want to wear anytime they were on the water. 

The search to find the perfect kid PFD began and ended with the Astral Otter, which I covered in this T.F.M. post awhile back.  After quite a few years of use, Hadley and Finn finally grew out their Otters' and have both moved up to the Astral YTV.  This is a comfortable low profile and easy on/easy off PFD and we're hoping to get as many years of use out of these as we did with their first PFD.  

Now, it's easy for children to reach a point where they start to think they are a good enough swimmer to not need a PFD (and it's likely that mom and dad haven't always been a good example of always wearing one all the time either) when they are on the water but we're trying to keep them in that "Wear your PFD" mindset at all times.  They are getting old enough now to take the kayaks out on the pond on their own and we really don't want them cutting corners on safety.

So, how do you get your child to wear their PFD?  How about putting that square tab on the the front of their PFD to good use and get your child a utility knife?  I've affixed a Gerber River Shorty to each of their PFD's which is both useful and your kid feels like a badass who's ready for anything when they are on the water...while they're wearing their PFD.  Parenting win.

We are fortunate since we have two children who are very safety minded (maybe it's from mom who's a nurse and dad who's a cop) and they both of a focus on preparedness when in the outdoors.  Sure, this means them wanting to fill up their packs with "survival gear" but they also take the time to learn the how-to, when-to, why-to and practice these skills when they are outside.  The utility knife on the PFD is just one part of that.  It's a proud dad moment to have children who are ready for anything when they're in the wild.

- It looks like the Gerber River Shorty is currently not available on the website (you can still find it elsewhere online) but be sure to check out the new Crossriver and Crossriver - Salt.  Both models are great choices for a PFD utility knife.  Mom and dad might need one too.  

COSTA - For Those Who Need Water to Breathe

This Costa sizzle reel has been bouncing around the internet for a few weeks now and it's pretty good.  I'm seeing places in Belize that I've been to and it's got me thinking I need to get back down there soon.

Check out the latest from Costa and if you're in need of some advice on lenses, check out this T.F.M. Gear Review from a few years ago.  The Corbina frame with Green Mirror and Sunrise Silver Mirror lens are my go-tos. 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

TIGHTLOOP FLY RODS - Ijuin-Rod Yomogi 7'3" 4 Weight

There are few who can build a fly rod that is this beautifully done but then also create photographs that really highlight the skill employed like George Minculete of Tightloop Fly Rods

This custom Ijuin-Rod Yomogi four weight blank build is a fine example of his work and the bright white studio lighting really makes this build pop visually.

George wrote...  "This is a special Yomogi parabolic series by Ijuin Rods with is appointed in dark hardware, Arguello agate stripping guide blued and coated in house, classic Garrison style Lemke uplocking reel seat-custom two-tone exotic wood, cigar grip with complementary winding check and minimalist, clear wraps, tipped orange.

This fly rod was commissioned by Alternative Tackle and will find a new home in California soon."

See more of George's excellent work on the Tightloop Fly Rod website and follow along with the latest shop news and announcements on Facebook and Instagram.

FLY FISH FOOD - Stoneflopper - Foto Foam Version

The boys at Fly Fish Food want to make sure that your hopper box is full of tasty (and easy to tie) foam flies for the summer terrestrial season which should be on fire right now with an updated tutorial for the Stoneflopper.

Check out the Fly Fish Food website for the Stoneflopper recipe and deep dive into many (many many) other patterns on the Fly Fish Food YouTube channel.

Thursday, August 1, 2019


It's "Shark Week" and until I catch a larger one (which likely will never happen again on the Epic Bandit ten weight) the "El Tiburon" experience from a few years ago with Captain Gifford Scott (and ragtag crew) of SC Flats Fishing will likely get tossed up here as a #tbt reminder of a damn good time had.

Take a minute to circle back to the "El Tiburon" post and if you find yourself in Charleston, give Captain Gifford Scott of SC Flats Fishing a ring.

P.S.  I know that a fisheye lens can make just about anything bigger but an eighty pound Blacktip shark on the fly ain't nothing to sneeze at.