Saturday, December 15, 2018

GINK & GASOLINE - Epic Ready to Wrap Kit Giveaway

Here's something to get your name in on this weekend as Gink & Gasoline and Swift Fly Fishing are giving away an Epic Ready to Wrap Kit of your choice and you have until Christmas Eve to play.

For details, visit Gink & Gasoline and then jump over to Instagram to get in on the contest.

Which Epic Ready to Wrap Kit would you choose?

MCFARLAND ROD COMPANY - Rolling a Fly Rod Blank

I'm not sure how this video stayed off my radar for so long but hobbyist fly rod builder Bob Hallowell stopped in at McFarland Rod Company and recorded this video of Mike McFarland rolling a blank from start to finish at the shop.  Even though Mike rolls some black glass blanks, this one was actually made of graphite but the process is largely the same.

My first custom fly rod build was an 8' five weight Spruce Creek that I continue to cherish.  This post is a good reminder that I haven't had that fly rod out of it's rod tube in way too long.

Visit the McFarland Rod Company website and follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Sight Line Provisions X Oyster Bamboo Original + Small Batch Edition

I've have known Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions for several years now and he's a shining example of someone who's taking their talents and ideas and creating art.  He's also pretty damn good at lining up interesting collaborations and his latest with Bill Oyster of Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods is his best yet.

The Sight Line Provisions X Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods collaboration is offered as a 1/1 Original Engraved Piece and then a Small Batch of 10 reproductions of the original.

From the Sight Line Provisions website...  "A name synonymous with superb craftsmanship and quality within the realm of bamboo fly rod making. It isn’t often that you find someone who truly pours their heart and soul into their work, but that’s just what Bill Oyster does when fabricating his signature bamboo rods in his shop, located in historic Blue Ridge, GA. Each and every bamboo rod is comprised of the highest quality materials, elegantly forged by the hands of a master craftsman. One of the most talented and skilled engravers in the world, Bill Oyster adds breathtaking detail to his lively bamboo rods by capturing the essence of fly fishing within the metal components of each of his rods.Sought after by anglers all over the world, each Oyster bamboo rod is a one-of-kind work of art, as well as utilitarian, and built for a lifetime of memories on the water. The unique nature and quality of Bill’s artistry drew Sight Line Provisions to approach Oyster Bamboo with the idea of collaborating on a special piece, the Sight Line Provisions + Oyster Bamboo Artist Collaboration.
The process began with sending Bill Oyster a silver Trout 2.0, to add his distinctive touches, making precise cuts into the silver to unveil a gorgeous mountain landscape adorned with a traditional dry fly in mid-flight. Once completed, this finished work of art was cast so that an edition of 10 could be created. These 10 reproductions were then hand finished by Bill Oyster, and prepared for presentation as a SLP bracelet.

This beautiful badge has been set on a Horween brown-tanned leather strap, exclusive to Sight Line Provisions. The leather base wrapped in waxed linen. Silver stitching has been weaved through the band on each side to add to the elegance of this piece. This is a true “One of One” piece and Bill Oyster’s first ever collaborative work. You won’t find another piece as remarkable, and with such rare quality, as this Bill Oyster Collaboration brought to you by Sight Line Provisions.

Along with the original Bill Oyster Collaboration cuff, the 10 reproductions have been cast in silver and laid on the same Horween leather and waxed linen. Cast directly from the original piece, only ten reproductions have been made. Just like the original, they have been carefully finished to the highest standards by Bill Oyster."

Visit the Sight Line Provisions website for see and learn more about this project along with other excellent offerings for the holidays. 

LEIDERMAN RODS - Two Stellar Custom Builds

Sometimes you just need to see something beautiful and stunning as part of your day and Matt Leiderman of Leiderman Rods recently posted two of his latest custom builds on social media and the bi-metal work on the Steffen Brothers Fly Rods 8'6" 6/7 weight build is just unreal.  The work on the 7' three weight McFarland Rods blank build ain't too shabby either.

Looking for a something special to add to your collection?  Check out the Leiderman Rods Inventory or consider a custom build of your own.  Follow the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


I mentioned it in the "12 Days for the Holidays" heads up post from a few days ago that Scott Hunter at Vedavoo was working on something special to literally unroll sometime during the twelve days and I'm just going to say it, he saved the best for last.

Feast your eyes on the new Vedavoo X T.F.M. Glass Quiver and for the next two days it's 20% off.

The Glass Quiver has been designed to hold four three-piece fiberglass (don't you dare put a graphite fly rod in there...) fly rods measuring 7'6" to 8'6" in length.  Shorter fly rods can be stored in this quiver as well.  Once full of your favorite fly rods, the Glass Quiver can be folded flat or rolled and then snapped closed to carry.  The Glass Quiver will only be made in Woodland Camo Cordura with your choice of Retro Fly or Comrade patch.

Press PLAY to see how it all works. I know, you want one.

Visit the Vedavoo website to see more about the Vedavoo X T.F.M. Glass Quiver and check out the other eleven days promotions as the sale prices are good through December 15, 2018.

Bears, Grayling and Dry Flies

Big Arctic Grayling on glass fly rods?  Sounds like a good time to me.  The boys from Blue Halo mixed it up somewhere north for a few days and this shortie film highlights their trip.

P.S.  Blue Halo is in the giving mood for Christmas and they are giving away a fly rod.  Take a minute to visit their Facebook page for the details.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

C. BARCLAY FLY ROD CO. - The Lookbook

Sometimes when two people love each other very very much...wait...wrong talk. Let's try this again...

Sometimes when a famed small shop fiberglass fly rod builder meets up with a tech savvy photog with some serious skills, magical things happen.  Enter, the C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. Lookbook.

I think every small shop rod builder (gear and reel makers, etc.) should befriend a photographer/videographer to help tell their story.  There is just so much great content to capture and it can be beneficial for their websites, social media and beyond.  Storytelling is easier when you can see it all.

For years now, Chris Barclay of C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. has been designing and refining his tapers along with building some of the nicest (though somewhat nichey) fiberglass fly rods around.  He's boiled all his current offerings into the Synthesis Series, which is a collection of fly rods from the 6'6" 2 weight for those tiny blue lines to the 8'6" 8/9 weight for the flats.

With Chris's move to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, he soon after met up with Dave Fason of NanoBox, who's pretty handy behind the lens (you've seen his work HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE with more on the way) and he recently helped Chris put this fancy lookbook together.  It's worth a look.

Take a few minutes to check out the C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. website and listen to an recent interview with Chris on the Remote. No Pressure fly fishing podcast.