Thursday, December 8, 2022


Out on newsstands and likely already in your mailbox if you subscribe, the 2023 Gear Guide from
Fly Fisherman is out and includes an article dubbed the "Glass Rod Revolution" by Dennis Pastucha.  
This article is a stellar deep dive into where fiberglass fly rods are at right now and I was fortunate to be interviewed with a quote or two as well.  Thanks, Dennis.

I hear that this article will make the internet at some point and I'll certainly share it here when it does. 

Longtime T.F.M. readers might remember that Fly Fisherman highlighted glass in the 2014 Gear Guide with an article that I wrote (that I'm sure editor Ross Purnell had to HEAVILY edit...) and it's good to see fiberglass come back on their radar again.  Fortunately, there continues to be a lot going on in the small 'Glass Geek' niche of fly fishing.  

Pick up a copy of the Fly Fisherman 2023 Gear Guide.  It's worth a read.

A Few Decembers Ago...

Last night I scrolled through my Instagram to the first photograph that I posted in May 2011.  Life has changed a lot since then.  I posted some silly stuff years ago that I wouldn't now but it was neat to be reminded of some past trips including one with photographer Rob Yaskovic where we scored cheap last minute plane tickets to Michigan for a mid-December steelhead trip with Captain Steve Martinez

There are over 5,000 posts on T.F.M. now (and counting...) and I should do better about recycling noteworthy posts for a second look.  This is one of those posts.  The first two links are from my camera and then Rob put together a black and white set that captured the winter dreer.


I kinda want to get back up to Michigan and try to swing one up again.  How about you?

WATERS EDGE - A Navajo Fly Fishing Guide Short Film

Here is a good one.  Press PLAY...

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

FJÄLLET - It's All About Trout

Here's a real nice slow burn of a story and you'll see quite a few Epic glass fly rods in the mix as well.

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6 Good Reads

Who doesn't need a little extended morning coffee break?  Dive into this six-pack of articles that cover everything from glass fly rods to trout to carp and a heavy double dose of Jeff Currier too.  Enjoy.






Okay, back to work...

TOM'S TIPS - How to Care for Your Fly Line

The fall and the winter months are always a good time to reassess your fly fishing gear, organize fly boxes, clean and patch waders, and strip off fly lines to give them a good cleaning before loading them back on the fly reel or better yet, putting them back on the spool for storage.  OCD me likes nothing more than to have fly lines boxes and on the spool since it's just the easiest way to keep track of them when prepping for the next trip. 

I would also add that nothing will help fix casting issues more than giving your fly line a quick cleaning when on a trip.  If I've had a frustrating session at the front of the boat, I'm likely to take a rest and strip off the fly line I've been casting to give it a quick cleaning.  

At least then I can't blame blown casts on a gummy fly line...   

See more on the Orvis YouTube channel and check out the latest gear on the Orvis website.

Friday, December 2, 2022

The Twelve Days of Sea Run Cases

If I was going to compile a "Gear of the Year" (maybe I should in the coming weeks), you would find one or several of the travel cases from Sea Run Cases on the list.  If you've been considering one, now is the time to order as they kicked off 'The Twelve Days of Sea Run Cases' yesterday with a 20% discount and free shipping on all travel case orders. 

I've covered the Sea Run Cases a few times in the past and you can read those posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.  These are quality cases, Made in Italy, to travel with your gear absolutely worry free.   

If you are considering a Sea Run Cases but not sure on which model to get, please email.  I have the Expedition Classic, the Norfolk Expedition QR, and now the Riffle Daily QR and can give some feedback on what might work best for you. 

As a reminder, I have an ongoing affiliate relationship with Sea Run Cases so if you click through any of the links in this post or the banner ad, a few coins go into the T.F.M. piggy bank when you place an order. Thank you in advance as the support is greatly appreciated.