Friday, February 15, 2019

Introducing Trout Smith's

I don't think I'll ever forget getting a phone call from Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods which was not too long after I had started writing this website in 2008.  Shane wanted to talk about fiberglass fly rods and what his ideas were moving forward and it was pretty exciting to have a builder that I followed and admired reach out for where I thought this whole "Glass Revolution" was going.

That first phone call was followed by many other phone calls, text messages and emails over the years and I've watch as he has built not only hundreds and hundreds of custom fly rods, but in the process has come up with his own fiberglass fly rod tapers along the way as well.

One of my most cherished fly rods is a yellow glass four weight that Shane built and I am really stoked to see that he is bringing these classic fly rods back through his new idea, Trout Smith's.

Shane wrote...  "What is "Trout Smith's"?  After almost ten years, I thought it's time to bring back the tapers that started my fiberglass journey.  The same tapers that I designed with the help of Mike McFarland of McFarland Rods over ten years ago, updated of course with some refinements, as Mike and I have learned a few things over the years. 

The fly rods of a classic flex, medium action, workhorse rods that hit all "sweet spots" if you will and cover all of your trout fishing needs.  I've combined my favorite fiberglass tapers, flor grade cork grips shapes, and custom designed reel seats for the rods I offer which are all wrapped in silk thread and finished with a simply finished look.  This series of fiberglass rods starts with small stream three weights to the best four and five weight rods you've ever fished and I've even added a six-piece travel rod to the line up as well."

Trout Smith's is also the idea of offering these classic fiberglass rods that are handmade one at a time but are not "custom", meaning that there are no options as far as grip shape, reel seat hardware, thread wraps, etc. listed on the website.  Of course folks can still have a custom rod built on the blanks on these same blanks through the Graywolf Rods website. 

These are many of the same tapers that I offered from 2009 to 2012, with some refinements.  The 563 is a new model that I just loved and thought I would like to now offer.   It has a medium action and is a real workhorse type taper.  We used an internal ferrule on these fly rods which is the same as we used for the original rods.  This is a better ferrule and keeps the flex consistent throughout the rod.  I think most "Glass Clients" will love these rods as they did in the past.  

The reel seats are all custom designed from a hand drawn sketch.  The result is a very clean and simple complete with domed end caps and clean lines.

The grip of each fly rod was chosen after years (going on decades, actually) of turning a lot of cork grips and I've found these shapes are the most comfortable.

A simply finished look should be finished with a simply classic look."

Take a few minutes to visit the Trout Smith's website and consider one of these yellow glass classics for your own collection.  You won't regret it.

HUGE FLY FISHERMAN - Threefer for the Traveling Saltwater Angler

Yesterday morning I was up at 2:00 a.m. for a quick shower and then drove down to the Charleston International Airport for the first of three flights and a shuttle ride to Hopkins, Belize to check out South Water Adventures Belize for a few days.  These three videos from Ben at Huge Fly Fisherman are a primer for the traveling saltwater angler to soak in that covers the bases of packing (which I way overthink), skiff (in my case a panga) etiquette and how to fight a fish once it's eaten a fly (fingers and toes crossed that that happens a lot this trip).

Click subscribe on the Huge Fly Fishmerman YouTube channel and follow along on Instagram too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


The latest issue of Southern Culture On The Fly is live in all it's weird and wonderful glory.  Mr. Grossman nails it in his editorial.  Winter does kinda suck and his thoughts on the Louisiana marsh are spot on considering that I've suffered through trips plagued with wind, clouds and churned up water the past two January's, but I digress. 

Enjoy this issue under your electric blanket with a knit hat on your head sitting in your comfy chair.  Spring ain't too far away.


LOON OUTDOORS - Tailgate Talks: How to Set Up a Nymph Rig

Take a few minutes for this tutorial from Matt Callies of Loon Outdoors as he breaks down everything you need to set up your nymph rig. 

Check out the Loon Outdoors website to learn more about the products highlighted in this video and follow along on their YouTube channel for more product, tying and tutorial videos.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Central PA Fly Fishing Show

 If you live anywhere close to Bellwood, Pennsylvania (or can get there), then place a big "X" on your calendar on February 23, 2019 to attend the Central PA Fly Fishing Show, which is being organized by the McFarland Rod Company.

The day long event will be a mix of presentations, various vendors will be set up and there's a good chance you'll be able to demo quite a few glass fly rods as well.   There will also be fly tying and rod building demonstrations that will be ongoing throughout the day.

For more information please visit the Central PA Fly Fishing Show website and let them know you are coming on the Facebook event page as well.

ORVIS - Ask Tom Rosenbauer!

It's wintertime at the Orvis mothership in Vermont which means piles of snow and the internet nerds are getting restless.  The other day they put a camera on Tom Rosenbauer (with Phil Monahan as sidekick) for a live Q&A session on Facebook, which has now been uploaded to their YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

P.S.  Tom gets extra credit points for the product placement of his Comrade metal cups that I used to sell in the T.F.M. Store many years ago. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

WRITERS ON THE FLY: The Cascadia Tour 2019

Do you live in the PNW?  Maybe you should plan to attend one of the upcoming tour dates for the Writers On The Fly.  I know that I would if I lived close.

More information or to get tickets, visit HERE and HERE on the Syzygy Fly Fishing website.