Over the years I've had the opportunity to put hands on countless fiberglass fly rods, reels and other innovative fly fishing and outdoors gear.  I have organized many of the favorite gear reviews on this page for easy reference.

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Killer Fuzz said...

Any opinions on the echo 10wt badassglass quick shot

Cameron Mortenson said...

KBFOC... Get you one. I am a big fan of the entire ECHO Quickshot line up and the ten weight is super handy to have around.

Kevin Walker said...

Cameron, would love to see a review of the Wade Rod Co. Dragon Glass. Saw that you picked one up last year and was wondering what your thoughts were. Think we could see something like that soon? Thanks!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kevin... Sorry for the delay. I like the Dragon Glass a lot. I'll get a review up soon.

Jay Creighton said...

You know of anyone that makes a 9 foot 6 weight glass rod? Seems like most of the major manufacturer's options are all shorter than that. Thanks!

msusca2 said...

Looking at glass 6 wts; Moonlit or Epic. Epic offers a fighting butt option which also comes with their price tag. Curious if you had any strong opinions or input on either? Thanks again! Tighten up!

Unknown said...

Anyone ever use the CGR Glass from Cabela's?? Thinking about getting the 5/6 has a fighting butt. its $80 so pretty cheap, just wondering if anyone has experience with them before I buy.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jay... There are a few 9' six weights out there but have you considered an 8'6" six weight? I would. A couple favorites are the Epic 686 and the Orvis Superfine Glass.

msusca2... I have a very VERY strong opinion on the Epic 686 as being the ultimate glass six-weight. Email for details and I can provide an affiliate link for purchase (with some TFM swag as thank you) if you're interested. I don't have experience with the Moonlit six-weight but the seven weight is very nice, especially for the money.

Unknown... I have a full review (actually several posts with reviews) of the Cabela's CGR fly rods. The CGR's are a great buy, especially when they go on sale. Email if you have any questions.

All, my email address is thefiberglassmanifesto@gmail.com.

SwedishFish said...

2020 Livingston YS Fast come in 9’ and are black e glass with some carbon reinforcement. A carbon taper, light weight and glass durability.

I have a 4wt and 6wt. My ability to well describe a rods action is limited to personal statements about how unique they are and how much I like them. Seriously worth consideration!

Unknown said...

Review big daddy glass fly rod from vision please..

Paul said...

I’m looking for a 7wt for light saltwater work and looking at moonlit lunar, cabelas cgr or echo badass glass. Your thoughts?