To place an order for any items listed on this page please send an email to thefiberglassmanifesto@gmail.com.  I can take PayPal, Venmo, check, or credit card as payment.

Thanks for the continued support and for representing T.F.M. the world over.

Do you want to represent The Fiberglass Manifesto on your fly rod tube, cooler, or fish car?  Please send an email and I'll drop a few freebies in the mail.

Over the years I've offered a mix of different "premium" decals which were expertly designed and printed by Bonyard Fly Gear and elsewhere.

Most T.F.M. decals are $3 each or four for $10 and includes a few freebie T.F.M. decals too.

*Please note that there is a $4 flat rate shipping worldwide no matter how many decals purchased.

There is really nothing better than a fiberglass fly rod matched with a click and pawl fly reel chasing a favorite fish species.  This new series of three inch square decals includes six different species with the familiar #glassisnotdead tucked in the corner.

Decal choices include Brook Trout, Bluegill, Brown Trout, Smallmouth, Carp, and Steelhead.

The COMRADE DECALS come in two round sizes of small (3 1/2 inches) and large (6 inches).

Please note that the large Comrade decals are $5 each. 

The GLASS GEEK decal measures three by nine inches.

The GLASS IS NOT DEAD decal measures four inches by four inches in size and is a great reminder that fiberglass is not a forgotten rod material and it's also exciting to fight a fish on as well.

The T.F.M. RETRO FLY VINYL CUT decals are available in black or white and measure approximately four inches by five and a half inches.

After going through over 100 boxes of tees last spring, a fresh batch of Western Birch "Retro Fly" golf tees are back in stock and this time in dark stained bamboo.  The Retro Fly golf tees are 2 3/4 inch long, striped in red, black, and yellow with the Retro Fly logo in red on the tee cup.  These last longer than you'd expect and look great too.

These are priced at $20 shipped for the first box and $10 for each additional box. 

Now through the end of January, Tippets & Tales and I have a giveaway going for all those who order golf tees.  Check it out in this T.F.M. post.

For a number of years, Scott Hunter of Vedavoo has created a stellar line up of Comrade and Retro Fly patched gear items for the T.F.M. Store made of heavy duty nylon.  Each of these items are made to last and built one at a time in the Vedavoo shop in Lancaster, Massachusetts. 

We are now masterminding a new set of offerings and all in stock items are on sale in this T.F.M. post.

All items offered in Comrade or Retro Fly patches in Woodland Camo.   The listed prices include shipping within the U.S.A. and T.F.M. decals.

Interested in something from Vedavoo with a Comrade or Retro Fly patch?  Contact Vedavoo and place your order.  They will make it up custom for you.

I am now offering Retro Fly and Comrade artwork patches that are available in two sizes of 2-inch and 3-inch in diameter.  These patches are highly detailed stitching and have heat activated backing so that they can be ironed on as well as sewed.

The Retro Fly and Comrade patches are priced at $6 for one or $10 for two shipped with a couple of T.F.M. decals no matter which size is ordered.  International orders may run a couple dollars more to cover the added shipping.

When I started fly fishing my first fly rod was a seven foot Eagle Claw Featherlight coupled with a simple Martin fly reel and a level line.  I would have never expected that bright yellow stick to become so ingrained into my fly fishing DNA but twenty-some years later I am as geeked about these gaudy yellow sticks as I was then.

In recent years I've messed around with the Featherlight spinning rods and they are just a hoot to fish with as well.  Cheap trills abound for sure with these.

I am currently stocking the following Featherlight fly rods and spinning rods.

6'6" 3-Weight - 2-Piece
7' 4-Weight - 2-Piece
8' 5-Weight - 2-Piece - OUT OF STOCK

FL2045'6" Ultra Light - 2-6 Pound Line Weight - 1/16 - 3/8 Ounce Lure Weight - 2-Piece
FL204-6 6" Ultra Light - 2-6 Pound Line Weight - 1/4-5/8 Ounce Lure Weight - 2-Piece

PLEASE NOTE - USPS shipping costs have greatly increased which necessitated an increase in total price of these rods.  It's likely that after this batch is sold, it won't make sense to offer them anymore.
The Featherlight fly rods and spinning rods are priced at $60.00 shipped within the U.S.A.  If you are interested in more than one fly rod, spinning rod or a combination of both, a discount can be applied to the order.

Check out the T.F.M. review of the Featherlight fly rods for more information.

Some time back I was contacted by Red Truck Fly Fishing Co. and asked if I would like to offer the Red Truck Fiberglass 7'6" four weight fly rod in the T.F.M. Store.  They now offer a 7'10" five weight in fiberglass as well that I can place orders for.

The Red Truck Glass in  476-3 or 5710-3 are priced at $375.00 and each order will be shipped directly from Red Truck Fly Fishing Company. 

For those interested in a Red Truck Glass fly rod with the Diesel Fly Reel in 3/4 Weight or 5/6 Weight, I will include a complimentary Small Stream fly line for free to complete your outfit.


These prices include USPS Priority insured shipping to those in the U.S.  International shipping is available for those interested.  Each order also includes a couple T.F.M. decals as well.

Please email to inquire about this if interested.

Thanks for the support with your order.


El Pescador said...

nice stuff!!!! we've got to talk.

cofisher said...

Pam saw the comrade sticker you sent me and said, "I want one for my car."

Anonymous said...

Mate, we need more t-shirts!!!

Cameron Mortenson said...

OSFF... That's not a bad idea.

Niclas said...

Yes t-shirts would be really nice =)

Unknown said...

Yes, t-shirts please! Mine have worn through. I need to represent TFM!

Nikolas C. said...

I, for one, would love to order a black XL long (and/or short) sleeve t-shirt with a big (12"-14") Comrade logo on the back! Perhaps www.TheFiberglassManifesto.com one the front, just like your stickers. I bet others would order them as well.

If you were interested and would need money up front to fund the initial order and screen printing process, I'll prepay for my order and wait patiently. Just a thought!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Niclas, Matthew and Nikolas... I hear you. It very well might be time to consider doing shirts again.

Anonymous said...

I too think it is time for shirts to become available. maybe a TFM/FloodTideCo collab?

Kym said...

Another subtle vote for more t shirts please. My old one is only just held together with gaffer tape and sweat stains!

Wide loops said...

I’m in if shirts become available

Unknown said...

More t-shirts please!

Unknown said...

Yes more tee shirts maybe white or grey...

TC said...

Yes!!!! Shirts please. How about long sleeve technical shirts with the Comrade emblem on back and possibly a hoodie or two?? Just imagine it, men will envy you, women will desire you, (other way around for the Gals who drink the 'glass kool-aid) wild animals will want to be your pets, all thanks to a snazzy new Manifesto gear.

Cameron Mortenson said...

I hear you. It's time for some more apparel choices. It's on the "TO DO" list for 2019 along with maybe it's time for a new logo as well.

Unknown said...

Another vote for a nice tee shirt. Hope you plans for one are moving along.

Cameron Mortenson said...

I hear you again. I really do.

J and M Flies said...

I am voting for more apparel. Would love to see some warm water stuff....just saying

Cameron Mortenson said...

J&M Flies... SMH... SMH... SMH... HA...

Unknown said...

How are those tee shirts coming along? Looks like a pretty long line waiting for them.

C. W. Mound said...

More T-Shirts PLEASE

Niclas said...

Im still hoping for a Comrade t-shirt!

Cameron Mortenson said...

HA... I do need to get some new t-shirts up in the mix. There are some really nice caps coming for those who've been wanting and asking...

desmobob said...

I guess it's a real long shot asking for a long-sleeved shirt option... ;-)

Chinacat said...

When will caps ve for sale?

Jason S. said...

Would be great if the t-shirts got a reprint! I would love two of the old designs!

jj wassom said...

I with you! Sieve just ripped out in my long sleeve last weekend. It was a sad day indeed. :(

jj wassom said...

Yes! Yes! My brown long sleeves just ripped out last weekend. :(