Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013 T.F.M. "Bluegill" T-Shirt

I am very pleased to show the T.FM. t-shirt for 2013 which features two pieces of original linocut and block cut artwork by Jonathan Marquardt of BadAxe Design.  Being that this is the seventh T.F.M. apparel design that I have released over the past four years, I figured it was high time to shine a light on the first fish I caught on the fly...the ever wonderful and eager bluegill.

Jonathan did a stellar job of capturing the moment when a bluegill quickly swims up to a small popper on the surface to give it a once over before he (hopefully) slurps it up.



There are twenty-five "T.F.M. Edition" bluegill prints in various colors that are available and your purchase will also include the T.F.M. warmwater logo as a separate piece of artwork with your order.

Check out the BadAxe Designs website for more information or to place an order. 

(Click Image To View T-Shirt Color Choice Larger)

The T.F.M. "Bluegill" t-shirts will be available in four mens/unisex colors of green, mustard yellow, yam, or burnt orange.  These shirts will be printed on a garment dyed t-shirt so the colors you see above are likely a bit more vivid than the actual shirt colors will be.  Long sleeve shirts are available in mustard yellow and yam.  Both short and long sleeve are offered in sizes Small to 3XL.  These shirts are are pre-shrunk and are considered a "regular fit" shirt.

T.F.M. t-shirts are priced at $20 for short sleeve and $24 for long sleeve with $4 added for shipping.  I include a couple T.F.M. decals with every order. 

I can also order garment dyed t-shirts for both children and ladies.  Please send an email to inquire about available colors and sizing.

I will be taking T.F.M. "Bluegill" t-shirt orders starting today with delivery the middle of next month.  I'll be placing monthly orders thereafter.

Please email to place your order.  Check the T.F.M. Apparel page for more information.  Thank you for the support.


cofisher said...

Very cool looking shirts Cam. I love em. I will get an order sent soon.

Lucas Carroll said...

Great design and colors!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Howard...thanks for the comment. I figured that even a trout snob from Colorado would approve. HA...

Lucas...thanks. After four years of black being the primary shirt color I figured it was time to switch it up.

tinman said...

1685 opbefGreat Graphic design / idea /looks/ bluegill ~like it!

Cameron Mortenson said...

tinman...thanks for the comment. I am digging it as well and glad that it's been well received.

danielocean03 said...

The shirts look great! All I've caught since getting into fly fishing a few months ago has been bluegill, I have to get one of these shirts!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Daniel...let me know. The next order goes to the printer the first week of January.