Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Case For A Whistle

More than once I've been asked when I post a photo of the Goertzen Fly Fishing Lanyard what the whistle is for? I'm always a little bit surprised to be asked this since it seems almost elementary that it's for safety. I've been carrying a whistle with my fly gear for years since I just never know what might happen during a day on the water.  If you can't be heard...then you can't be rescued.  

Now, I'll also a bit sheepishly admit that the whistle has been used a few times to alert a friend of my fly rod being doubled over under the weight of a large fish...but who wouldn't...right?

Lately I've been carrying an Outside Media (Thanks Hilary) Whistles For Life whistle and really impressed with the function and ease of use.  I am also really excited since Whistles For Life have signed on as a Fishy Kid gear sponsor and are making up a batch of Fishy Kid logoed whistles to use as prizes.

So...still wonder why I carry a whistle?  Do you carry one?  Will you now?


Cofisher said...

Ok, Cameron, I've got to ask. Does your place of employment issue whistles as others did in the past. Just curious.

GFP said...

I think it's a great idea, of course it relies on you having breath. Maybe carrying one of those air horns could be better, and more obnoxious to your buddy when you signal him to watch the fat bluegill you are pulling in!

I saw a whistle on a friends key chain just last night.

the nutman said...

i have a whistle in my life vest,one that will work when wet,you can signal other boaters with it ,it also works just incase something happens ,if you cant blow on the whistle your in big trouble but it is good to have with you,i never thought about one on my lanyard or for that matter just in my bag,they can scare off bear as well,that is a high pitch noise and most animals dont like that sound great post Cameron