Friday, March 25, 2011

Howler Brothers Launches Online Store

The state of Texas must have something special in their water when it comes to cool and interesting companies starting up and calling it home over the past couple of years.

I've been tracking the doings of Diablo Paddlesports, YETI Coolers, Departure Publishing, and the somewhat absent lately (I know...she got married and is writing a book) Fly Fish Chick.  Now I'm adding Howler Brothers to this list as they are bringing a new look and feel to the fly fishing clothing lifestyle brands. 

Howler Brothers was born from the wanderlusting minds of founders Chase Heard and Andy Stephanian and is a mash up of their interests in fly fishing, surf, paddling, and coastal sports.

The Howler Brothers line up is a mix of men and women t-shirts, caps, button up shirts, polos, long sleeve UPF tech shirts, and accessories.

Give Howler Brothers a look and if you use the code "HBTFM11" you'll receive 25% OFF your order.  Free shipping applies for orders over $100 as well.  

Follow Howler Brothers on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Morgan R. Buckert said...

The Texans know how to do it right! Can't wait to be redfishing there in three weeks...

Cameron Mortenson said... are right...the Texas peeps have been bringing it lately.