Friday, December 9, 2011

12 DAYS - Costa Sunglasses


What started with a pair of demo Costa Zane 580's has turned into a small collection of Costa sunglasses bordering on addiction.  I really like my Costa's a lot and they are steps ahead of anything else that I've ever worn.  It didn't take to long and I had Mrs. Manifesto in them as well which has got her thinking she needs a new pair of Hammock's for Christmas.  (This post is a good reminder that I need to get those ordered...)

580 VS. 580P
After having worn Costa sunglasses that have both the 580 glass polarized lenses and the 580P polycarbonate polarized lenses, I have to say that the glass lenses do have a bit more clarity over the polycarbonate.  The downside with the glass lenses is that the sunglasses are noticeably heavier and glass is priced at a premium as well.  For my money I'm more than happy with the 580P lenses.  I can see in water that I never have before and I am learning that these glasses give quite an advantage when sight fishing.  Last weekend I was able to see redfish on the flats and in creeks that I really think would have been impossible without these sunglasses.     

A good pair of polarized shades are a must for anglers and you can't get better than Costa sunglasses. 

Check out the new interactive Costa website for more information and to pick out your next pair of sunglasses.  The new website allows you to pick and chose frame style and color and then lenses type and color to view how the pair of glasses will look which is quite handy when purchasing online.

For further reading check out the gear review I did on the Costa Zane 580's last year.

Costa has provided one prize package which consists of a promo card good for a pair of Costa sunglasses of your choice, and then a visor, t-shirt, and decals as well.

To play please send an email to  You will receive an auto response email back to confirm your entry was received.  Only one email per person please.  All emails must be received by midnight tonight to qualify for this gear giveaway.  Winners will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced tomorrow morning at the end of this post.

There were over 600 emails submitted for this giveaway and the random number generator has chose Brad Melville as the winner.  Congrats. 

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awsome! thanks for putting on such a cool holiday give-away, merry christmas! Brad