Thursday, May 10, 2012

Decoteau's Articulated Hollow Flatwing

When Michael Decoteau put a few demo flies in my hand while at the Fly Fishing Film Tour event in Columbus last March, I commented to him that a larger fly with a lot of the same design attributes would be really neat to swing for stripers that run the rivers in the southeast.

Fast forward a couple months and a package arrived in the mail with a few of these monster articulated hollow flatwing flies. They are beautiful and have a wonderful action to them with the jointed bodies.  I can't wait to get them wet and swing them on the Saluda River.

Recently Micheal Decoteau joined HMH Vises as a Signature Tier and posted his first step by step tutorial on the HMH Vises Blog last week.

A website is in the works but in the meantime follow Michael on Instagram at @redspotfly.


Robin said...

There are plenty of completely serviceable flies, flies that catch fish in a perfectly satisfactory manner.
Then these come along with their gorgeous stylish appeal. Love them!

gribble said...

Beautiful flies!

Rhythm Rider said...

Great looking streamer, and I appreciate the single hooked articulation. That tutorial will come in handy. Thanks.