Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Afternoon Of Dry Fly Brook Trout

After a long night trying to mouse up a brown trout or two, I drove over to Adam Tsaloff's house and crashed for a couple hours in their downstairs guest bedroom.  Even though I had only slept two hours my internal clock buzzed off before seven o'clock and luckily Adam had a cup of coffee waiting for me when I came upstairs.  I was just a bit tired but ready to go all over again.

We spent the better part of the morning casting a dozen or so fiberglass fly rods in his front yard before taking off for a skinny brook trout stream that he frequents.  I really wanted to fish my Leiderman Rods built Kabuto Rods 7643 and had also carried along the brown glass Kabuto Rods 7033 which Adam was jonesing to bend.

Brook trout streams such as this are perfect for sharing and Adam and I took turns casting and catching.  Usually the other person was untangling or retying a fly while the other would pick off a hungry brook trout.

It's tough to beat a beautiful Michigan afternoon and a fly box full of bushy dry flies that the fish just can't resist.

These brook trout are just lovely and painted to perfection.

This might have been the largest fish for the day and rose up from the backside of a large stump on the right side of the river just like you'd expect it would.

Adam's properly stocked dry fly fly box which is just one of several in his overstuffed Filson vest.

The tools for the day which were just wonderful to cast and fish.  Kabuto Rods blanks, no matter the builder, are just some of the very nicest fiberglass fly rods being made right now.

Adam and I thoroughly enjoyed the quick afternoon session and it was good to get a brook trout fix in before flying over to Beaver Island for the next four days.


Michissippi said...

You're making me homesick. It's been way to long since my last brook trout...

gfen said...

i've been staring at one for what seems like a year now (when its only been 3/4ths of a year) thinking i should really get around to building it.

if it wasn't for all the effort, i could totally get shit done. maybe this summer.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Michissippi...I understand where you care coming from. I've been fortunate the past couple years to get a native fix before heading back to where I leave now.

gfen...which Kabuto Rods blank do you have? It's really worth building out sooner than later.