Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Assault Kayak Hand Paddle

Long time T.F.M. readers may remember several previous posts about the Backwater Paddle Company and the wooden hand paddles that Ed Halm was making out of his shop one by one.  Fast forward several years and Ed Halm has taken his original idea and is now offering the Assault Kayak Hand Paddle, which is an amped up version to his original design.

The Assault Kayak Hand Paddle is made of durable fiberglass/plastic mix with a foam grip and wrist lanyard.  The design of the hand paddle allows paddlers to adjust their position with one hand while fishing instead of picking up the two hand paddle.  The hook notch allows paddlers to grab a tree or other obstacles and the teeth provide more grip when pushing off.  All in all this has become an essential tool when fly fishing in my kayak.

The wooden Piranha Hand Paddle is still available for those interested but in my opinion the Assault Kayak Hand Paddle is well worth the extra $10 in cost.

Check out the Backwater Paddle Company for more information and follow along on the Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

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Ian said...

Sweet, I still have, use and love my Piranha. It's one of those things you never know you need until you have it. These new ones look very cool, may have to pick one up