Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Salty Fly Tying Bonefish/Permit eBooks

I am always looking for fly fishing and fly tying books that are available to be easily carried along and read on my iPad mini and spent some time this week reading two books written by Drew Chicone of Salty Fly Tying on bonefish and permit flies.

What is really neat about both of these books, which are available as an eBook or as a print edition, is that they cover some excellent fly patterns and the step by step photography are very well done with clear and concise tying instructions for each step.

Essential Bonefish Flies - Andros is 96 pages and includes seven patterns, including two of Drew Chicone's original flies.  This book also includes short Q&A interviews with the fly's designer on each of the seven patterns which cover how the fly was designed, how and when it should be fished, how the fly has changed over time, and what makes that particular fly so effective.  eBook - $14.99  Paperback - $19.99.
Essential Permit Patterns is 100 pages and includes five different crab patterns.  I've never had the chance to fly fish for permit so the first thing I noticed was that most, if not all, of these patterns could have application for redfish or cross over to freshwater for carp and smallmouth.  The Kung Fu Crab especially caught my eye as a useful pattern in these applications.  eBook - $14.99  Paperback - $19.99.

Check out the Salty Fly Tying website for more information or to purchase either of these books or Drew Chicone's latest book called Feather Brain.  Drew's website is a great resource with videos, a blog, and other useful tying information.

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Mat Trevors said...

The Kung-Fu Krab is what I caught all of my Louisiana reds on back in 2010.