Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#NOPEBBLEMINE - Not Today, Not Tomorrow

This past summer my family spent a week in Alaska with friends who live there and my wife noticed the local reaction to our children's "No Pebble Mine" t-shirts and Rep Your Wild hats supporting conservation in Bristol Bay and also wild steelhead.  It was a lot of thumbs ups and positive comments. 

If you're following the news, we seem to be on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs when it comes to whether not Pebble Mine is moving forward or a dead deal.  Most can see that it's not a good idea for today or for the future generations to come to have an open pit mine in the Bristol Bay area.

Take just one minute and let your voice be heard by adding your name to the thousands being submitted who are all saying NO PEBBLE MINE.

Want more information?  Visit the Save Bristol Bay website and sign up for email updates and calls for action.

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