Friday, August 7, 2020

ZEN FLY ART - The #365fish Challenge Continues

You might remember when the new year began that artist John Alexander Piacquadio was just getting started with the #365Fish Challenge and I thought that it would be a good idea to check in with him on how things were going now that we're more than halfway through the year.

I've really enjoyed seeing John's daily update on his Instagram page and asked him to handpick a dozen and half favorite art pieces from the project to share in this TFM post. That shouldn't stop you from circling back to his Instagram page and checking out the nearly 200 #365Fish Challenge pieces that he's created up until now.

John wrote...  "I remember when Ryan Keene was doing this 365 days of making and posting art... The idea of even attempting an endeavor like this was so impressive and so daunting Ryan immediately became my hero. I enjoyed following his year on social media.

Fast forward a couple of years, Ryan contacts me and asks me to take over the #365Fish Project. I was petrified, but I couldn’t say no to one of my artistic heroes.

We are about eight months into the project. I’m so glad I agreed to do it. The best parts have been the work ethic improvement and the artistic evolution of the work. I feel like I’m halfway through a PhD or MFA program at art school. It really has been an education. You can glance through my Instagram and see for yourself. The newer work is closer to my original vision of the concept of flies in ink. That’s cool."

Follow along with the #365Fish challenge on the Zen Fly Art Instagram page and if you're interested in a piece that has been posted, please send John an email at

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