Monday, June 1, 2009

Offer of the Month - Recycled Waders

Over the past few months Patrick Jenkins of Recycled Waders and I have been trading emails, waders, photos, and the result will be a three part series of posts this week starting with the latest OFFER OF THE MONTH.

For the month of June, Recycled Waders is knocking 20% OFF the price of the Nook Sack and the Messenger Creel for those that mention T.F.M. with their order!

NOOK SACK - $30 ($24 with T.F.M. discount) The Nook Sack is an excellent minimalist pack to toss in a couple of fly boxes, tippet, and tools and hit the water.

MESSENGER CREEL - $60 ($48 with T.F.M. discount) The Messenger Creel is a modern take on the gear bag with room to stow fly gear, lunch, your camera, and anything else that you can wedge in there.

To place an order, email Patrick at, and be sure to mention T.F.M. to receive the reduced price!

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