Monday, October 5, 2009

Christian's Ari 't Hart Collection

Christian Hörgren recently posted a string of photographs of his Ari 't Hart reel collection on the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum.

These reels speak to me on a couple different levels and thought that others might enjoy seeing his photos and hear what has inspired him to collect and fish these reels.

I’m Christian Hörgren, architect and fly fisherman living in Sweden. I fell in love with the ATH reels on a fly fishing fair in Stockholm, back in 2004. I actually don’t see my interest in ATH reels as collecting. The reels inspire me in my work as an architect. They are examples of how you can solve different problems technically in a new poetic way, without losing the functionality. They inspire me in the same way that Japanese handicraft can do, Scandinavian stoneware from the 60’s, or a well baked artisan bread. It’s how you do it. How you take care of the details that matters for me. Besides all this, they fish outstanding. I’m not a large arbor guy, I prefer to keep the reel close to the hand. The treatment of the material is outstanding, and they look cool. Of course.

There are smaller and there are bigger reels from Ari’t Hart. I’m only interested in the reels suitable for creek fishing, because that’s what I do most. My favorites are the reels with a cantilevered construction, the Remco for example, which is the only fly reel in the permanent design exhibition on MoMa in New York. I use the Remco when I fish for Arctic Grayling with my Sage 490 LL rod. When I go fishing for small Fario, I usually grab my Scott F703 with a small, black F1. For streamer fishing with glass rods and cane poles, the Aras reel is perfect. It’s a bit heavier and balances these rods in a good way. For the smallest rods, I use my Mach 0, which is almost weightless. There is a reel for every day of the week, for every colour of my shirt.

There is so much to say about all these different models, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Needless to say...I want a ATH reel more than ever now.



Awesome reels! I love the mixture of "cold and warm", "simple and complex"! It has it's own rhythm!

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