Monday, December 14, 2009


T.F.M. Photogs, I am excited to announce a photo contest for 2010 to show off your T.F.M. SPOTTING skills!

This year long contest will be sponsored by HARDY GREYS with prizes for the first, second, and third place winners.

Several months ago I was able to link up with a couple of the reps for Hardy Greys who in turn connected me with Jim Murphy, President of Hardy Greys North America. He has been very gracious and offered up three pieces of gear from the Hardy Greys catalog to be used for this year long contest.

1st Prize - Hardy "The Test" Four Weight Fiberglass Fly Rod
2nd Prize - Hardy Lightweight Fly Reel
3rd Prize - Greys G Tec Fly Reel

1. To participate you must submit a photo wearing your T.F.M. t-shirt. These photos can be fishing or lifestyle photos. Let's get creative!

2. To order your T.F.M. t-shirt check out this post.

3. To submit your T.F.M. SPOTTING photo please send an email to:

4. There will be a monthly poll for the T.F.M. readership to determine the winner who will then go on to the finalist round. There will be twelve finalists which will be voted on in the end to determine the three winners.

With a several hundred T.F.M. out to the masses worldwide already and another hundred of the new T.F.M. t-shirts on order there are sure to be some stellar photos submitted next year.



Voted! Brother...

I am going to wear my TFM and fishing this morning... building up the mojos...

Anonymous said...

got my vote in.....Got my tfm all pressed and ready for action this'll see

Ron said...

Cameron, How do we view all of the pictures in a larger size? Hard for my old eyes to see and appreciate the photos in the vote area.



Cameron Mortenson said... can scroll through the posts for the month and see each of the TFM Spotting entries in a post.