Saturday, January 23, 2010

The T&T Heirloom is Back!

Recently I received a press release from Trevor Bross of Thomas & Thomas stating that they are bringing the Heirloom series back to their fly rod line up.

Similar to the previous issue of the Heirloom, although they are now fitted with a carbide stripper, earth tone cloth bag, and aluminum tube.

Rod lengths and weights:


MSRP is $650.00 for completed fly rods and blanks are available as well.

I have long thought that the look of the Heirloom series is striking and several have passed along how wonderful the casting ability is of these rods.

Check out the updated and excellent looking Thomas & Thomas website to find the dealer nearest you.


Sam said...

a beautiful rod that casts more beautifully than it looks. I love my 4wt, which when lined up to 5wt, can play big fish with the best of them.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Sam...some don't like the looks of the T&T Heirloom series but I find it beautifully distinctive. Good to know that you can jump up a line weight too.