Wednesday, May 26, 2010

T.F.M. Spotting - Howard at Work

There are times when the workload in the office has to be pushed aside for a few minutes of fresh air...even if that means casting practice into waterless landscaped rivers and lawns.

Howard Levett, who writes the Wind Knots and Tangled Lines blog, needed a few minutes to decompress and was found casting one of his vintage outfits outside the office. 

Spring weather has finally reached the Denver Front Range in the past week. Unfortunately just because the weather has started to cooperate doesn't mean I can play hooky from work and hit some of the beautiful small streams just miles west of Boulder where I work.
I have however found a nice solution to too much work and not enough fishing. Here I am standing on a footbridge practice casting on an imaginary small stream in the backyard of the Center for People with Disabilities where I work. 
Of course I had to rep T.F.M. while practicing with my 1961 Wright & Mcgill Featherlight and Orvis Rocky Mountain reel.

I can see those ladies looking out the office windows cackling about "Hey Ol' Man Howard is throwing flies at the rocks again."  HA...



Now that is the gentleman behind COFISHER! great read and love the lawn casting story!

cofisher said...

It's tough fishing right now Mark, runoff has started.