Monday, June 28, 2010

W.J. "Pro Staff" Package Arrives

About a month ago I tipped off the T.F.M. readership that I had been asked to join William Joseph's newly formed "Pro Staff" as an Ambassador.  Part of being an Ambassador means testing and evaluating current and prototype pieces of William Joseph gear which is a responsibility that I can handle.  
Last week I received a box which contained bags from a couple different lines, the stripping basket, and a set of the River Tools.  It's great to get hands on a couple more pieces of the Old School line with the Fanny Pack and Satchel.  The Fanny Pack is going to be my go to warmwater pack for the rest of the summer.  The MAG Series Current pack is well thought out and is as comfortable slung to the side as it is wearing on your chest.

I've had the MAG Series Conduit Gear Bag for a couple months now and finding it great in the back of the Element on fly fishing trips, in the kayak for river and pond trips, and then excellent for storage in the ever dwindling gear space in the closet I share with Mrs. Manifesto.

Look for future reviews of these gear items and others as the year goes along.  I'm  hoping to have a pair of the next generation William Joseph waders and clothing items before the year is out.   

If you have comments or suggestions on the use or wear of William Joseph gear please feel free to send along an email to  I'd like to hear about your experience.

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Anonymous said...

very cool this company is on the mark ,I have a pair of their waders with the floatation device inside the wst waders they are very well made !