Thursday, April 7, 2011

Support USAC - Get "Darkness" Boots

Put simply The Utah Stream Access Coalition needs your help through donations to continue their fight to keep the waterways of their state open for public use.  It's been a hard three year fight...and the fight continues on. 

Korkers is lending their support to the cause by releasing a limited quantity of Limited Edition the "Darkness" wading boots which can be had for a $300 donation to USAC.    

The "Darkness" wading boots are not sold to the angling public and have been designed as a Limited Edition model for guides and inside industry peeps.

The "Darkness" wading boot is a blacked out version of the Chrome wading boot which employs the OmniTrax 3.0 Interchangeable Sole System and the Boa lacing for ease of getting into and out of your wading boots.  

To give your appreciated support and get a pair of the "Darkness" wading boots for yourself email Bryan Gregson of USAC