Tuesday, April 26, 2011

T.F.M. Spotting - N.Z. Spring Creek

As soon as Deb Thompson realized how much fun that her husband and guide Joel Thompson was having in New Zealand, she booked a flight and spent her spring break plus a week "trout raging" with the boys.

One the last day of the trip Deb wore her T.F.M. t-shirt on a stunning spring creek and capped off her trip with a great brown trout.

Joel wrote...  "Debbie was stalking some very spooky spring creek fish sporting her hot pink T.F.M. t-shirt.  Unfortunately the pink t-shirt proved to be a little too bright and had to be covered up in order to fool these fish.  Below is the last fish caught on this trip and the best part about it is it ate a dry fly.  Deb went all "Chuck Norris" on this fish making a perfect cast to an impossible lie.  As soon as the fish was netted the cover up shirt was off to rep the T.F.M. t-shirt underneath.  A great finish to an incredible trip to New Zealand."

Deb...well done and I would expect nothing less with your carefully honed "Chuck Norris" skills.



Wow! way to go! : )

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...Deb has got skills. No doubt.

Joel said...

She most certainly has game and is fun to fish with!