Monday, May 9, 2011

First Look - YETI Coolers Roadie 20

Not only are the folks at YETI Coolers part sponsor of the T.F.M. 2,000 Facebook Fans Gear Giveaway but we they also sent along one of their brand new (it's not even on the YETI Coolers website yet) Roadie 20's to bang around in the Element and the kayaks this summer.

The Roadie 20 is the newest cooler in the YETI Roadie line up and falls between the Roadie 15 and Roadie 25.

This mid size brute measures 13.5 inches wide by 18.5 inches long by 13.5 inches tall and has an interior that is large enough for a full day on the water or back roads for lunch and brews.

There are reasons that YETI Coolers are more expensive than others and you begin the see it in the details of construction and materials used in the Roadie 20 when you have one of these in hand.

The Roadie 20 is a huge step forward from any cooler I have ever owned.  

I've already checked and the Roadie 20 fits perfectly in our Native Ultimate 14.5 and then also on the deck of the LiquidLogic Versa Board as well.  The Roadie will be perfect kayak companion.

Of course I've already branded the Roadie with a vinyl cut T.F.M. Retro Fly decal.  More decals to get slapped on this most excellent cooler soon.   

Look for a full review of the YETI Coolers Roadie 20 coming later this summer.  It's going to get a lot of use (and maybe some abuse too) over the next few months.


Robin said...

Looking forward to the test results! Saw one at Cabelas, looks fairly well bomb-proof.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Robin..."bomb-proof" is a good way to describe these coolers.

Feather Chucker said...

You've got to be kiddin me, they gave you a cooler? I am green with jealousy.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kev...we did an ad trade for the Roadie so it was a good deal for both sides.

Mike Schmidt said...

I bought a Yeti 65 Tundra Series with Sea Deck and locks last year and it is one of the best purchases I have made. Bomb proof is an understatement and with 20lb ice bags at $5 I saved somewhere around $60 on ice last year alone. Best thing...went on a camping/fishing trip then was out of town for a week. 13 days later went to pack the cooler for that weekend and the two cans of beer that had been in the cooler in the back of my car (in an uninsulated garage in the summer) were still cold after 13 days!