Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Isle Royale Coasters 2012 Qwest

Wayne Snyder, author of The Golden Age: Fly Fishing In Michigan, is in the beginning stages of what he is calling the Isle Royale "Coasters" 2012 Qwest.  The objective for the trip is to search out Coaster Brook Trout with fly rod, reel, and fly that swim in the Lake Superior waters of Michigan. 

On this extended journey Wayne  and three others will be photographing, videoing, writing, and pursuing the Coaster Brook Trout in one of it's last strongholds.

Wayne recently put brush to canvas and now that the artwork is complete he is selling prints as a way to raise money for their four man expedition on Isle Royale. 

Wayne posted these images on his Facebook page and I thought it was very neat to see the process on how this piece of artwork came together.

The price for a print is $75 and the last time I spoke with Wayne there were just a couple left for purchase. 

Please send Wayne an email if you are interested in a print and helping to support the Isle Royale "Coasters" 2012 Qwest.   

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