Friday, June 3, 2011

VEDAVOO - Gear For The Road Less Traveled

I am seemingly always on a subconscious hunt to uncover the new, the thought forward, and the unusual and recently came across a new gear company called Vedavoo.

Vedavoo has concentrated their offerings on the four disciplines of Climbing, Fly Fishing, Trail, and Yoga with an assortment of gear that certainly has some crossover uses as well.     

A short post on the T.F.M. Facebook page which linked readers to the Vedavoo website and Facebook page sparked a chain of emails with Vedavoo founder Scott Hunter, along with a phone call, where he passed along that they had received a dozen inquiries about their gear in the first hour that the link was up on the T.F.M. Facebook page.  This was an exciting start for them since they had just launched the website at the end of last week.

Vedavoo was so impressed with this response that they have offered the T.F.M. readership 15% OFF all purchases using the code "TFM15".

It's also of note that all of Vedavoo's gear is "Made In U.S.A." and up until recently was being sewn in Scott Hunter's garage until he had perfected his designs and found a shop to take over the work.  For gear that is made stateside the price points are all quite reasonable.

Look for more information on Vedavoo in the coming weeks on T.F.M. and maybe a gear giveaway as well.  Until then give the Vedavoo website a through look through.

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