Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sticker Shock

For the past couple years the back windows of our Honda Element have become a canvas for a colorful mix of decals from gear companies, fly shops, magazines, clothiers, guides, outfitters, and fellow bloggers.

When you drive a vehicle that is best described as an orange ugly box on wheels adding a few gaudy decals can only help.

The other day I tore down the previous sticker scheme since several of the decals had gotten pretty tattered looking and replaced them with a fresh mix adding a couple of the new T.F.M. decals to the windows as well.

T.F.M. has gotten a lot of support from the start and driving around with a few decals on the windows representing some of the best in the fly fishing industry is the least that I can do to say thank you.

(Don't worry if you've sent decals and don't see them up.  The Element sticker scheme gets tweaked as decals wear out or tear off.  It will get up there at some point.)


rm said...


gfen said...

when i first got mine, a coworker asked if it had a special compartment inside for me to keep my dignity in.

i pointed at the change drawer.


ha... you need a bigger truck! It will have more surface for all the great supporters! : )