Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Graywolf Rods T.F.M. T-Shirt Coupon

Custom fly rod builders are always scheming.  It may be a new tapers, new hardware, new threads, but always a new something.  It does not stop.  Needless to say this often leads to late nights but usually some quite excellent ideas develop.

A couple weeks ago Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods called and asked if he could order a stack of T.F.M. t-shirts to give out to his customers when they order a fly rod?  I countered and suggested that he send a free T.F.M. t-shirt coupon with each fiberglass fly rod sent and let his customers pick the size of the T.F.M. Retro Fly t-shirt that they would want.  Done deal. 

The coupons have already gone out to several recent Graywolf Rods fiberglass fly rod purchasers and I appreciate the collaboration between fly rod builder and blog.

Consider this just another incentive (along with a sincere thank you from Shane) to give Graywolf Rods a look next time you're thinking about a sweet new fiberglass fly rod.

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Michael Agneta said...

Well done, on both sides!