Friday, September 9, 2011

The Mangrove Push Pole Project

Since getting my first kayak a couple years ago I have been looking off and on at the different (though not many) push pole options. We live on a shallow freshwater pond and also close enough to the coast that I am planning on doing more redfish fly fishing through the coming fall and winter.

The search has ended with the arrival of the Mangrove Push Pole kit which is made by Temple Fork Outfitters and showed up in a box as pieces for assembly which saves on the shipping costs over a one piece push pole.

The push pole kit includes three graphite sections (which can be ordered with up to five sections), two graphite ferrules, tip, and crotch.  A step by step PDF file will walk me through the process of assembly and when finished this three section push pole will measure 14'9". 

Though not on the T.F.O. website, dealers can stock or order these push poles for customers.  There are several online dealers that I found with a simple Google search and even one, Mad River Outfitters, that offers free ground shipping on Mangrove Push Pole orders.

More on the Mangrove Push Pole after assembly and when I've had a chance to get on the skinny water.

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