Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off To The Pisgah National Forest

This morning has been a mad scramble to get the Element properly packed for a long weekend trip to the Pisgah National Forest for a one part family camping experience and one part fly fishing excursion. 

I'm driving ahead of the family this morning to secure a campsite, set up, and then spend the reminder of the next day or so fly fishing before they arrive tomorrow night.

The past few weeks have been pretty wicked at work and it will be nice to have a break.  T.F.M. may or may not get updated until the weekend is over.  It all depends if I have a signal (not likely) or if I am enjoying sitting by the fire with a tin cup in my hand more than blogging (very likely).

A full report, photographs, and maybe a couple gear reviews to follow upon my return.   


John N Pasmore said...

The white bag -- back of the van -- what is it? Enjoy your trip!


Enjoy the family time! Cameron,
no need to update the blog! : )
I bet you have packed some tiny teny midge patterns! Just let you know your patterns work very well in the NE tailwater!

FISH TALES said...

how do you get a weekends worth of gear in an element, when I cant seem to fit it in a full size xtra cab dodge? talent... enjoy your trip-

james deloria said...

You're packing skills deserve a blog all their own dude! BTW I got out for the last day of regular season and SLAYED the brooks at the old same place. 1-16", 2-14", 2-10" and several under 10. Seems like the last day always fishes amazing for this ole' geezer! Unfortunately forgot my camera. I'll send you one pic from my not so hot phone of the two traditional last of the season eaters I kept.