Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fiberhammer Steelhead

Last week Sam Wike of Big R Fly Shop sent me a couple photographs of their latest excursions over to Idaho to swing flies to steelhead with his Scott Fly Rod Company Fiberhammer

Damn.  I can only imagine the bend that this steelhead put in the 10'6" Fiberhammer.

Sam got his girlfriend Christie on the water and she swung herself a steelhead as well.  

Check the Big R Fly Shop Bug Blog for all the details on this most excellent road trip.



NICE!! and nicely done!!
I only wish they have 12'6 model... 10'6 is just a little bit too short for my river... : ( I am betting it will takes another 10 years for other fiberglass manufactures to catch up with Scott.... ha... I am joking of course... looking forward to any new spey glass to come! before that, I'll be fishing my little boooooo ...very carefully (so afraid to break it @@)...nice post Cameron!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...yes...a longer model would be so cool. I've heard rumors that a trout version might be in the works. Who knows.

wike said...

I will say this is a hard rod to line match... but I throw a skagit line on this rod and a tip and I have it pretty dialed. I think it is hard to compare it to graphite rod lengths. I also think if you cast one lined correctly the distance you can get out of it might suprise. It's not a Clearwater dry line rod... but it fishes nice on rivers the size of the Grand Rhonde or Salmon... or Missouri. It probably won't be one of the first couple spey stick you buy but it is a fun one.