Friday, October 7, 2011

Shoal Bass Success

I know there has been a bit of a slow down on T.F.M. this week but the last couple days were spent in lower Georgia without much of a phone signal, let alone WIFI, fly fishing for shoal bass on the Flint River.

(Photo by Henry Jackson.  Tweaked in Instagram.)

A full report from the day spent with Flint River Kayak Fishing is in the works but needless to say shoal bass is now off the "To Do" list and I can now concentrate my efforts on the elusive redfish.  


Jeff Ryan said...

Those bass have beautiful markings! Very cool.

Mags said...

Shoal Bass are sweet, way cooler than Largemouth. Congrats!

Cofisher said...

Look forward to a full report and photos!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jeff...yes...very similar to smallmouth bass.

Mags...neat bass for sure. in the works.