Monday, October 31, 2011

Southern Culture On The Fly - No. 1

The first issue of Southern Culture On The Fly went live last night and it's been a long time coming. 

Publishers David Grossman and Steven Seinberg, as editor and art director, have put together an online fly fishing magazine that certainly has it's own distinct look.  There are a lot of online fly fishing magazines but S.C.O.F. is the first to set their focus entirely on the plight of the southeast angler.

Though I waited until the last possible moment to submit a piece on Poe's Tavern, the fellows at S.C.O.F. found a place for my article and photographs on our favorite haunt on Sullivan's Island, and I couldn't feel happier about being included. 

Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and check out all the goodness of Southern Culture On The Fly - No. 1.


southern culture said...

Thanks Cameron, loved the piece on Poe's and love Poe's.

Cofisher said...

Really nice job in SCOTF Cam...I knew you could really write.

Cameron Mortenson said...

SCOF...thanks. It was neat to be a part of the first issue.

Howard...thanks...I think. What are you saying about everything else I post up daily? HA...