Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T.F.M. Spotting - Matt's Salmon

I have a hard time keeping up with Matt Trevors of 411#3 as his work takes him literally all over the world and I also appreciate his new found obsession with his local smallmouth fly fishing.

Recently Matt sent along this excellent submission for the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest of his search for of Atlantic salmon on the fly.

Matt wrote...  "I was in northern Saskatchewan for work in August/early September and got invited out with some of the client's staff to go pike fishing.  I caught one on my first cast and on the first cast of my second time out.  I ended up catching the biggest pike anyone from that project has ever caught.  I wasn't invited to go pike fishing anymore after that...

So I then decided to put my focus on finally catching my first Atlantic salmon which is the game fish of choice in my home province of New Brunswick (some people there wouldn't consider anything else BUT salmon fishing as "fishing").  While working, I listened to various podcasts on salmon and steelhead fishing (the techniques and their behaviours are similar) and in the evening I read everything I could find on fishing for them online.  I also started tying some basic salmon flies ("popsicle" style marabou streamers)."

"Three days after I got home from that project I hit the water and caught and released my first and second salmon (not including juvenile salmon parr).

Then I went into a deep slump (along with an associated deep depression) for three weeks until I caught a few bull trout in Idaho a few weeks ago."

So cool.  Follow Matt's adventures on 411#3.

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