Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fiberglass Flyrodders New Home

The Fiberglass Flyrodders forum, which has become an ever growing resource for glass geeks everywhere, moved into a new home late this week with forum administrator Tom Gould spending his Thanksgiving holiday putting the finishing touches on the board.

There were a lot of reasons for the move with the largest being that on the last forum system there was not a reliable way to backup all the content that was being posted and it would have been a shame to lose years of great material if something happened.

So...if you are a current member of Fiberglass Flyrodders then please email Tom Gould for your temporary password to access your account on the new forum.  Please give Tom a bit of time to get back to you since he's been working feverishly the past few days to get the board up.  In short...he needs sleep.  This forum move cost him one night of sleep and he's still catching up.

New members are always welcome to join so please check the forum out.  In my opinion there isn't a nicer or more knowledge group online anywhere. 


Unknown said...

is this site down for a bit because Icant get into it at all let alone worry about my password

Unknown said...

I signed up over there weeks ago, but STILL have not been activated. Are they not accepting new members?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Roger... Email me at with your profile name and I'll see what is up.

Unknown said...

I sent you an email. Thanks!