Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Weekend In The Holy City

This past weekend my wife and I spent the weekend in Charleston as a way to celebrate our recent anniversary and also for her to attend a work conference which began on Sunday afternoon.  I took a few photos this weekend on our Nikon DSLR with the newly acquired 10.5mm fisheye lens and also my iPhone which is always in my pocket.

We arrived in the Holy City on Saturday afternoon and checked in early at the Charleston Place Hotel.  This put us right in the heart of the city and it was great to park the car and walk every where we wanted to go.

It was so nice to have a few days together alone without the duties of being parents.  We don't often take trips away from our children and you really don't realize how important the time away every now again is.

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Saturday was spent walking around downtown Charleston and then hopping over to Sullivan's Island for an early dinner at Poe's Tavern (of course) and then a walk on the beach.  Three dolphins were right along shore and for thirty minutes we watched them hunt together which was pretty neat.  Saturday night was spent downtown enjoying a hand in hand walk.

Our plan had been to get up early on Sunday morning but it's quite amazing that when you don't have two small children crawling into bed with you that you can actually sleep until after eight o'clock.

Once up we walked over to Poogan's Porch and had a very good breakfast that fueled us until dinner.  Well...we did also pick up something from Wild Flour Pastry and then spent a couple hours reading outside at Kudu Coffee House in the courtyard sipping and flipping pages.  People without children might not get it, but for us this was bliss.  We capped off the weekend with an over the top dinner at Oak Steakhouse on Broad Street and though it hit the wallet hard, it was well worth it.

So...the weekend was a lot of walking, feasting and folly and best of all remembering that Melissa and I are husband and wife and not just mommy and daddy.     


GSFeder said...

Cameron --

We don't have kids and get to spend every weekend like that -- thanks for reminding me how special that is.

We were in Charleston mid September for a family wedding and it was a great trip. I've made a note of your favorite places for my next trip. Where do you stay, though? We stayed at the Marriott over by the Citadel b/c that's where the reception was, but I probably wouldn't choose it for my next Charleston visit.

-- Greg

Cameron Mortenson said...

Greg...I just edited the post. We stayed at the Charleston Place Hotel. Great location and a very nice place to stay.

Cofisher said...

Nice Cam. I know how much your family means to you. This sounded a little like a 2nd honeymoon.